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Welcome to Classic Monsters

Welcome to Classic Monsters!

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Well, in a short while you’ll receive an email with the link to your FREE copy of The Classic Monsters Collection Volume 1. This exclusive PDF is packed with beautiful imagery and articles from our stunning quarterly magazine Classic Monsters of the Movies. It’s a chance to learn more about the movies you love, as well as getting a glimpse of what our publications have to offer.

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Classic Monsters of the Movies

Classic Monsters of the Movies – what’s that?

Classic Monsters of the Movies is a beautiful 68-page magazine running the gamut from silent horror movies, through the golden ages of Universal and Hammer Horror, to more modern classics. Every issue is just £9.99 and has a broad range of articles: you’ll find fresh looks at familiar favourites, biographies of key stars, retrospectives on forgotten gems, loving looks at some of horror cinema’s more kitsch classics… we could go on. There’s always something new to discover, and every professionally-written article is richly illustrated with plenty of stills. The stunning cover art is the icing on the cake of each edition, and we ship worldwide.

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Can I subscribe?

Subscriptions have been temporarily suspended due to the global situation. You can still purchase individual issues of Classic Monsters of the Movies as they’re published, and we’ll hopefully restore the subscription facility once prices and supply chains have settled down.

Classic Monsters Ultimate Guides

Now, what are Classic Monsters Ultimate Guides all about?

Good question. Each one is a 36-page full-colour exploration of a specific movie, designed to evoke the unique style of that film’s production, from the brooding suspense of Creature from the Black Lagoon to the gothic horror of Dracula Prince of Darkness. Ultimate Guides are priced from £9.99 and feature a comprehensive overview of each movie’s development, as well as biographies of the cast and crew, a plot summary, and articles discussing everything from monster merchandise to the wider cultural impact of each movie. Each one is produced to the highest standard, and packed with beautifully clear stills, posters and lobby cards in addition to a wealth of information.

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