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The Return of the Vampire 1943 Ultimate Guide Hardback is the collector’s edition of this guide, in a strictly limited edition hardcover format – only 30 in the world – and signed and numbered by the authors with a FREE exclusive Return of the Vampire art print.

Rediscover a vampire classic and the resurrection of a horror icon with The Return of the Vampire 1943 Ultimate Guide Signed Hardback – a vibrant celebration of a key moment in monster cinema.

Columbia’s 1943 entry into the annals of horror brought audiences a new vampire, but one who thankfully also seemed rather familiar. As bloodsucker Armand Tesla, Bela Lugosi was Dracula in all but name, and audiences loved him for it. The signed hardback Ultimate Guide to The Return of the Vampire 1943 is your ticket back to two incarnations of wartime London, where mystery and kitsch await in equal measure as we pay tribute to this epic cinematic battle between good and evil.

The Return of the Vampire 1943 Ultimate Guide Magazine


This glorious hardcover guide to The Return of the Vampire is the ideal companion to a fresh viewing of the movie. A wealth of meticulously restored stills immerses you in the tale of Lady Jane Ainsley’s struggle to thwart Tesla’s plans and restore Andreas’ soul: our commitment to exceptional image reproduction means that even black and white images are printed with the depth and clarity that you’ve always wanted, giving you a fresh appreciation for the movie. With a clean, timeless design inspired by the movie’s bold artwork, this signed hardback guide to The Return of the Vampire is a true collector’s item.

There are so many reasons to love The Return of the Vampire, and this hardcover guide is the perfect way to rekindle your affection for a truly unique motion picture that has countless devotees, and with good reason. Bela Lugosi’s performance recaptures the magic of his definitive movie role, and forms a sparkling centrepiece to an intricate tale of evil, redemption and quintessentially English heroism. Each page of this hardback guide to The Return of the Vampire is inspired by the sense of excitement and gothic-tinged drama that makes the movie so watchable.

A range of articles leads you through the circumstances of the movie’s production, its significance in horror history, and the way in which director Lew Landers and screenwriters Randall Faye and Griffin Jay impart real freshness to the vampire legend. After all, this movie was by no means a retread of what had gone before: it’s packed with moments of greatness as well as a fair share of camp credibility. This luxurious hardback guide to The Return of the Vampire pays loving homage to a film whose winning combination of fun and creepiness makes it an evergreen among fans.

As well as the movie itself, you’ll also learn about the people who brought it to the screen. Biographies of the cast, from stars Bela Lugosi and Frieda Inescort to everyone’s favourite talkative werewolf Matt Willis, offer an insight into the real-life highs and lows of the movie’s performers. Meanwhile, crew profiles introduce you to the artists, technicians and creatives who worked behind the scenes to bring the movie together: The Return of the Vampire Ultimate Guide Signed Hardback is a must for any fan of the film.

London is under fire and something’s been disturbed in the old cemetery, so hang onto your soul and dive into the hardback Ultimate Guide to The Return of the Vampire. That Dr Bruckner has something familiar about him, and it certainly isn’t good, but this stunning signed magazine has everything you need to unravel his plot…

Collectors please note: the art print included with this product is different from the one accompanying the signed softback.

Prefer an unsigned copy without the art print? Click here for the regular version of this title.

  • 40 pages
  • A4 portrait format
  • Full colour throughout
  • Image wrap hardback cover
  • Individually signed and numbered by the authors
  • Includes FREE Return of the Vampire 1943 art print

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