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The reprinted issue #7 of Classic Monsters of the Movies includes:

  • Mark of the Vampire – Tod Browning’s remake of lost 1927 movie London After Midnight allowed Bela Lugosi to once more don a vampire cape – but all is not as it seems. We explore this moody, twist-laden thriller.
  • Sinister Sidekicks – behind many a famous villain is a willing cohort doing all the dirty work. We present a rundown of some of classic horror’s most memorable movie minions.
  • J Carrol Naish – his timeless acting and flair for the sinister make this actor’s performances stand up well today; we revisit his excellent horror roles in our in-depth biography.
  • Hammer Vampires – there’s nothing like an English gothic atmosphere to bring out the fanged fiend in us all, and the world of Hammer Horror was awash with the bloodsucking undead…
  • Feisty Femmes – we meet the damsels in distress and fearless action heroines who define classic horror storytelling.
  • The Alligator People – oozing atmosphere, and featuring a splendidly creepy performance by Lon Chaney Jr, this gem of sci-fi horror makes a big splash.
  • The Walking Dead – this issue’s Forgotten Frights feature goes beyond the grave and back again with this 1936 Karloff thriller.
  • And so much more too!

Issue #7 of Classic Monsters of the Movies is packed with articles, stills and artwork that will awaken nostalgia in any fan of classic horror movies. From the high-quality journalism from our team of writers, to the elegant design, we remain true to the classic horror magazines of your youth, but with high-end modern production values in luxurious full colour.

The haunting cover painting of Bela Lugosi as Count Mora is the creation of horror art legend Daniel Horne – but there’s something in Classic Monsters of the Movies for any monster fan.

Magazine specification:

  • 68 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • Packed with stills, posters, articles and info
  • Printed and finished to the highest standard

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12 reviews for Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #7

  1. NA Parry

    This is another winner – it’s tempting to devour it all in one go. A big thank you for the articles on ‘Mark of the Vampire’ and ‘Carry on Screaming’ – two films as different as it is possible to get in the horror genre. I read with fascination about the original plans for ‘Vampire’ – if only we could have see them on screen!

  2. RC M’Cloud (verified owner)

    Since the first issue of Classic Monsters of the Movies, with its wonderful opening article “Why We Love Classic Monsters: The Enduring Power of Our Dark Antiheroes,” I have enjoyed READING this magazine . And the same is certainly true with this issue. Great articles. But, of course, we monster magazine devotees also want great pictures! This issue, for me personally as a fan of vampire movies, is extra special in that regard. You open the magazine up and immediately there’s a full page image of Peter Cushing in Twins of Evil. Love it! Turn the page and there’s a wonderful full page photo of Luna in Mark of the Vampire. Beautiful image. And there are other great photos from Mark of the Vampire as well. Next I was delighted to find not one, but two great images of Gloria Holden in Dracula’s Daughter; one in the article “Sinister Sidekicks,” and another in the article “Feisty Femmes.” And finally there’s the article “Very British Vampires.” Gotta love this! Photo highlights for me are: a full page photo of David Peel in The Brides of Dracula, various photos of Chris Lee as Dracula, a large colour photo from Twins of Evil with Madeleine Collinson, and a large colour photo of Cushing in The Vampire Lovers holding the severed head of Ingrid Pitt. I find myself paging through this great issue again and again, just enjoying the pictures!

  3. Jamie Tutino, Connecticut, US

    Love the recent issues I have received. Your magazine is the absolute best #1 source for the monster movies I love and cherish!

  4. Tom Johnston, Oregon, US

    I think this is one of the best magazines produced today From the great layout and pictures to the insightful articles. It comes through that the various authors really love the subjects they write about yet they do acknowledge the flaws many of these films have. Most of all, they have made me revisit films I passed by in the past. The recent piece on “The Alligator People” is a prime example.

  5. Thomas Smith, Illinois, US

    The issues look GREAT!!

  6. Anthony Rubbo, Georgia, US

    I finally had time this weekend to read several of the guidebooks, and they are a treasure chest of info and painstaking research – I love them!!!
    Well-designed, great paper stock that holds up to continuous readings, illuminating bios on every actor, crisp photos, fun fact files, etc. – a wealth of new + old reminder info to be treasured forever.
    Commend everyone for these gorgeous tomes. Really…

  7. Hugh Blair, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

    Your wonderful Classic Monsters collection is great and brings back many memories for me(I’m 64) I remember staying in the cinema all day watching the Hammer films when they showed them as a double and at one time a triple bill(Those were the days) There was one cinema that showed all the universal Frankenstein films all week then followed the next week with the Dracula films, Wolfman, and the Mummy films. Thanks to Blu Ray I can see almost all of these great films in their glory, And thanks to you all for bringing out this wonderful collection I now know everything about these films. I hope you will continue to add more films to your collection(I hope to get them all,if I can) My greatest actors are Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, Boris Karloff(William Henry Pratt), Peter Wilton Cushing, Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., John Christopher Depp II(Johnny Depp), Donald Pleasence, and the great Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko, better known as- Bela Lugosi.

  8. Alan Granville

    I’ve subscribe to this fantastic magazine since issue 1, I have been waiting for a horror mag like this for years and now I can look forward to my issue coming through my door, it has everything you could want great photos, stills and fantastic stories, keep up the good work and may it continue for years to come.

  9. Dana Jensen

    Classic magazine! On the same level with “Famous Monsters of Filmland” which itself was one of the classic magazines. I have never seen such great quality in a fan related magazine like “Classic Monsters”! Every page on glossy paper, with many in color! The Classic Monsters are very LUCKY to have such a great publication appreciating their greatness! LOL

  10. Eckhard Schuetze, Heidelberg, Germany

    These books are AMAZING !

  11. Steven Beai, Colorado, US

    I’m absolutely thrilled to see CLASSIC MONSTERS going bi-monthly and I just can’t say enough about the quality of every single item produced, from the mags to the film books, sticker sets and beyond. Not to mention the care taken with shipping every product — and did I mention how grateful I am for the stellar customer service you provide — from the regular updates to the personal replies to inquiries.

    As a fan and collector of all things classic monsters for over 40 years, I am fortunate enough to have one of the largest collections of monster magazines dating back to the ultra-rare UK one-shot of SCREEN THRILLS, as well as complete runs of every Warren magazine (Famous Monsters, Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, etc.), I can say with absolute authority there is nothing like CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES here in the States…nothing that comes remotely close.

  12. Paul Murden, Lincolnshire, UK

    You guys do a fantastic job, and my only regret is that you weren’t around when I first got into classic horror films all those years ago! Keep up the great work.

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