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Ageing Terrors Postcard Set


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Getting old isn’t for the squeamish, but the Ageing Terrors Postcard Set shows what happens when you try to defy the passage of time. This limited edition set of beautiful poster art postcards celebrates some unforgettable moments in the history of age-related horror, where sorcery and science collide to horrific effect. The mystery of staying forever young, and the dreadful reality of what people will do to become immortal, comes alive in a set of richly restored posters that take you into wild worlds of tantalising possibilities. So why not forget about the passage of the years and take inspiration from these age-related horror and fantasy movies, where outer beauty doesn’t always go hand in hand with goodness – with only 100 of these postcard sets worldwide, it would be a crime against good taste to miss them.

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The idea of eternal life and youth has always captivated storytellers. Our awareness of our own mortality means the elixir of life is a fascinating yet unattainable aspect of narrative, so it’s no surprise that plenty of tales have sprung up around the idea. The Ageing Terrors Postcard Set is a dramatic showcase of the ways the concept has been mixed in with drama, romance and sheer terror to bring us a wealth of thought-provoking motion picture experiences. More carefully restored than your average artificially-youthful horror film villain, the movie posters in this ageing monster postcard collection are packed with vibrant detail that captures the sinister contrast between good and evil in each one. It can take a while to give up the pursuit of youth but each of these age-horror movies shows that hanging onto it isn’t a good idea.

It doesn’t matter whether you resort to bargains with evil forces or strange science to keep the wrinkles at bay – the glorious poster art you’ll find in the Ageing Terrors Postcard Set really is the most attractive thing about trying to halt the advancing years. By turns elegant and ghastly, this is imagery designed to evoke the spirit of the movies while making you ask questions. What would you do to roll back the years? How far would you go to recapture your heyday? (And if you’re still in your heyday, what would you do to stay there?) Each card in the Ageing Terrors Postcard Set is printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on weighty 350gsm silk stock, with matt lamination on both sides providing a rich sheen. The vintage-styled design on the reverse has space for a message and an address (you’ll get the best results with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen), so you can write down your own secrets of eternal youth – or perhaps a warning to anyone considering it.

The Ageing Terrors Postcard Set features artwork from the following movies:

  • The Man in Half Moon Street (1945): based on a 1939 play, this story shows that living forever isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The tale of Dr Karell’s drive to defy the passage of time combines a sense of longing with a slow-burning horror that’s reflected in the eerie, evocative artwork.
  • The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945): Hurd Hatfield stars as the impossibly charming man whose desire to stay young and beautiful leaves behind nothing but tragedy. This brooding retelling of Oscar Wilde’s classic story wove romance and sorrow into its narrative, with ethereal artwork enticing audiences in.
  • The Man Who Could Cheat Death (1959): Hammer’s take on The Man in Half Moon Street stars Anton Diffring and some pretty hideous make-up, proving that however many wicked deeds Dr Georges Bonnet carries out, he can’t keep himself looking good forever.
  • She (1965): H Rider Haggard’s story of She Who Must Be Obeyed was the best anti-ageing advert ever thanks to the glamorous Ursula Andress. This dramatic, monumental artwork hints at the power of the mysterious Ayesha and the adventure unfolding on the screen.
  • War-Gods of the Deep (1965): underwater adventure meets Poe with a dash of age horror as Vincent Price presides over an aquatic civilisation where time has stood still. The epic sweep of the artwork captures the wonder and drama to come – just make sure you stay away from sunlight…
  • Countess Dracula (1971): taking its lead from real-life events, Hammer’s story of a blood-bathing noblewoman is packed with grisly moments. The haunting artwork is packed with eerie details that evoke the sinister spirit of the movie.

You can’t run away from the laughter lines forever, but the Ageing Terrors Postcard Set is sure to be a beautiful-looking part of your horror movie memorabilia collection for years to come. Combining our fear of death with science fiction and horror, these movies are always sure to keep you intrigued, so spend a couple of centuries with this glorious collection and you’ll forget all about the passage of time. But hurry – with only 100 sets worldwide they’ll be gone in the twinkling of an eye.

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