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Classic Ghost Stories Postcard Set #1


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The Classic Ghost Stories Postcard Set #1 celebrates the quintessential creeps of six classic horror movies with artwork from six very different pieces of spooky cinema. Whether it’s cobwebbed castles, seafaring spooks or good old-fashioned haunted houses, these are films that show you’re never safe from the powers of the supernatural. Each of these ghost story postcards features a poster restored to the highest standard, with the diverse artwork styles bursting with atmosphere. This luxury collector’s item is limited to 100 sets worldwide, making it a spine-tinglingly perfect addition to your horror memorabilia collection and an ideal inspiration to revisit some of these horror classics.

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Ghost stories are at the heart of horror, reaching back into our minds as far as we can remember. Didn’t we all worry about the monster behind the door, the spooky white-sheet ghost making the wailing sounds? From traditional folklore to modern existential dread, a good ghost story can give you delicious chills as well as some pause for thought along the way. With the Classic Ghost Stories Postcard Set #1 you’ll be able to revisit some of classic horror cinema’s most eerie stories. They’re all very different but each one is restored to the meticulous standard you expect from Classic Monsters, offering a window into worlds of vengeful spirits and looming terror. These are luxurious collector’s pieces guaranteed to raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Whatever kind of spooky tale you like the best, chances are you’ll find it in our ghost story movie postcard set – and if you aren’t familiar with any one of these films, the gloriously printed poster art is your guarantee that there are plenty of fresh frights to discover. Each card in the Classic Ghost Stories Postcard Set #1 is printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on pleasingly weighty 350gsm silk stock, with sumptuous matt lamination on both sides providing a luxurious feel that makes this ghost story movie postcard set a collector’s piece. While the front of each card is dominated by the beautiful artwork, the reverse features a vintage design; if you need to express your fears to a fellow ghost hunter, you’ll get the best results writing on the cards using a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen. Then again, you’ll probably want to keep these ghoulish beauties in your collection and stop them from escaping into the world…

The Classic Ghost Stories Postcard Set #1 includes artwork from the following films:

  • The Ghost Breakers (1940): Bob Hope and Paulette Goddard made a perfect double-act in this pacy horror-comedy. There’s a raging storm, a haunted castle, a suit of armour, Noble Johnson and Richard Carlson – and as the poster art shows, some rather wonderful spooks too.
  • The Ghost Ship (1943): RKO’s claustrophobic psychological thriller boasts compelling performances from Richard Dix, Russell Wade and Skelton Knaggs. Is Captain Stone a maniac? Who can you trust? The deck is shrouded in mist and we’re a long way from shore – this unconventional tale is packed with moments of genuine terror.
  • The Screaming Skull (1958): poor Peggy Webber is going out of her mind as the ghost of her husband’s first wife is haunting her – or is it? The vibrant poster art for this cult thriller boasts that the filmmakers will bury you for free if you die of fright watching it… what more incentive do you need to break out the popcorn and immerse yourself in a tale of terror from beyond the grave?
  • Tales of Terror (1962): as you can tell from the busy gothic artwork, Vincent Price takes centre stage, ably assisted by Peter Lorre and Basil Rathbone, in a trio of stories based on the work of Edgar Allan Poe. Expect black cats aplenty, decomposing bodies and the kind of drama that Price does so well.
  • The Legend of Hell House (1973): drenched in atmosphere, this famously macabre movie features some particularly gruesome artwork as well as strong performances from Pamela Franklin and Roddy McDowall. The sordid history of Hell House is laid bare in a movie rich in scares… is it all in your mind, or is there really life after death?
  • The Changeling (1980): the famously horrific poster art is just the beginning. Horror veteran Melvyn Douglas appears alongside George C Scott in a movie which weaves tragedy into its story of murder and deception. The fate of Joseph Carmichael all those years ago is at the heart of this utterly blood-curdling, unmissable tale.

There’s a strange mist descending and something is going bump in the night – the Classic Ghost Stories Postcard Set #1 is your doorway to all manner of creepy goings-on. Whether it’s at home, on the ocean waves or in a creepy old castle, there’s nothing like a good ghost story to keep you in your toes. And with only 100 sets worldwide, why would you risk this one vanishing before you can add it to your collection?

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