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Classic Portmanteau Movies Postcard Set #1


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The Classic Portmanteau Movies Postcard Set #1 is packed with chills, with six pieces of artwork from some of horror’s greatest anthology horror movies. Some take their inspiration from literature, others from folklore, and still others are unique creations, but as you’ll see from this collection of portmanteau horror movie postcards, this type of movie never fails to delight. Each movie is a cavalcade of fresh horrors, with multiple stories crammed into a feature-length production – this dramatic postcard set is the perfect tribute to a much-loved genre, and with only 100 sets worldwide it’s an essential item for collectors too.

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The portmanteau horror movie structure, with individual short stories joined by an overarching narrative into a full-length motion picture, is a familiar one. Many people know the genre from the acclaimed Amicus productions but as you’ll discover with the Classic Portmanteau Movies Postcard Set #1, the format goes back much further. This set of six luxury postcards draws you into the irresistible world of the bite-sized horror tales that often featured the leading lights of the horror genre. Painstakingly restored poster art, brought back to its original beauty and printed to the very highest standard, hints at the many terrors ahead as this set of portmanteau horror film postcards inspires a fresh viewing of six anthology classics.

This powerful type of storytelling – bursting with miniature masterpieces of the macabre – deserves a stylish tribute. That’s why the Classic Portmanteau Movies Postcard Set #1 is printed on rich 350gsm silk stock to provide a pleasing sturdiness, and then matt laminated on both sides to provide an opulent sheen – these anthology horror film postcards will be the envy of your fellow collectors. They’re printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm); while the front of each card bursts with colour thanks to the rich poster art reproduction, the reverse features a vintage-style design. There’s space for a message and address details so you can share your own memories of these classic films with a friend – you’ll get the best results using a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen. However, chances are you’ll want to keep the cards for yourself – remember, there are only 100 sets worldwide so they’re sure to be an important part of your collection.

The Classic Portmanteau Movies Postcard Set #1 includes artwork from the following anthology horror movies:

  • Dead of Night (1945): a quartet of directors brought this early entry into the portmanteau horror genre to life for Ealing. Each story in this influential motion picture has its own particular chills but you’ll remember it best for the appearance of one truly terrifying ventriloquist’s dummy.
  • Twice Told Tales (1963): the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne came to life in the capable hands of Vincent Price as a trio of spooky stories unfolded on the screen. Shock is the name of the game in the movie’s morbidly vivid poster art.
  • Dr Terror’s House of Horrors (1965): prominent Hammer names Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee joined a galaxy of other stars in a collection of Amicus tales no less effective for their brevity. This vivid artwork is a feast for the eyes, hinting at the many horrors within Dr Schreck’s mysterious deck of cards…
  • Asylum (1972): a startling group of images is the ideal entry point for the nightmarish world conjured up by ‘Psycho’ author Robert Bloch. From dismembered body parts to murderous mannequins, there’s plenty here to chill the blood.
  • Tales from the Crypt (1972): the shadowy catacombs are packed with terrifying secrets in one of Amicus’ best-known movies. As the Crypt Keeper presides over this lusciously flesh-crawling artwork, a group of strangers face the consequences of their own sins.
  • The Vault of Horror (1973): the comfort of a gentlemen’s club is not all it seems, as stars including Daniel Massey and Terry-Thomas discover a world of gothic horror. Like the lavish artwork, this is a movie whose stories of vengeance and cruelty sparkle with black humour.

No fan of anthology horror movies should miss the Classic Portmanteau Movies Postcard Set #1. Putting a modern spin on traditional horror stories, this is a motion picture structure that never loses its power; our collection of portmanteau horror film postcards is the perfect celebration of this very special art form, and with only 100 sets worldwide, it’s a must-have for collectors.

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