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The Classic Mad Doctor Movie Postcard Set celebrates the sinister scientists whose wild experiments have spawned some glorious moments throughout horror movie history. Devious and dangerous, these are monsters of a different breed – our collection of mad doctor movie postcards draws you into the world of bubbling lab flasks, questionable medical work and crazy ambition. Gloriously restored artwork showcases the many guises of horror’s mad scientists, and with only 100 sets worldwide, this is a must-have collector’s item.

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The horror genre has given us many kinds of monsters, but whichever kind of fiend you prefer, you’ll often find that a mad scientist is never far away. From blood-based experimentation through to the creation of violent wolf-like hybrids, there’s no disputing the fact that you can always find something creepy among all those test tubes and sparking gadgets. The Classic Mad Doctor Movie Postcard Set takes in some popular entries into the mad doctor hall of fame as well as lesser-known movies that may inspire some new cinematic discoveries. These luxury postcards boast beautifully restored, richly evocative poster art that will make a handsome addition to your mad doctor movie memorabilia collection.

Each of the cards in the Classic Mad Doctor Movie Postcard Set is printed to the high standard you expect from Classic Monsters. They’re produced to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on sturdy 350gsm silk stock, with sumptuous matt lamination on both sides adding a luxurious finish that makes these cards feel as good as they look. The vintage-styled design on the reverse of each card has space for a message and address details; you’ll get the best results writing on it with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen, so you could use these cards to share your latest scientific breakthrough with a fellow scientist, but it’s more likely you’ll want to keep these cards in your own lab to remind you of what any self-respecting mad doctor can achieve if they put their mind to it.

The Classic Mad Doctor Movie Postcard Set includes artwork from the following movies:

  • The Return of Doctor X (1939): Humphrey Bogart is a different kind of antihero in a sci-fi horror movie combining the characters of the mad scientist and the vampire to eerie effect.
  • The Mad Doctor (1941): Basil Rathbone is at his icy best in this creepy thriller also featuring Ellen Drew and Martin Kosleck. As the moody poster art shows, this particular medic isn’t so keen on ‘first, do no harm’…
  • The Mad Doctor of Market Street (1942): Bringing his unique brand of mad-doctor evil to a sweltering jungle island, Lionel Atwill gives a suitably compelling performance as the crazed Dr Benson.
  • The Strange Case of Doctor Rx (1942): Atwill was back, this time as the distinctly creepy Dr Fish, in a mad scientist story that doubled as a murder mystery. The vibrant poster art shows you what to expect: gunplay, danger, and some truly remarkable spectacles.
  • The Mad Monster (1942): George Zucco is the ambitious genius of the piece, and Glenn Strange is his unfortunate lycanthropic subject, in a much-loved contribution to the genre that blends crazy science with elements of werewolf horror.
  • The Abominable Dr Phibes (1971): it’s imaginative killings all the way as Vincent Price steals the show in this delightfully macabre movie. The consciously kitsch poster art hints at a slightly inaccurate love affair, but this is definitely a mad doctor with a camp twist.

Mad doctors have been the focus of so many exciting horror movies, and the Classic Mad Doctor Movie Postcard Set is the ideal accompaniment to your next round of experiments. With only 100 sets worldwide it’s going to be gone faster than your latest formula, so place your order now.

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