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Giant Monsters Postcard Set #1


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This item is now sold out.

They’re huge, they’re terrifying, and they’re destroying the city – our Giant Monsters Postcard Set #1 is packed with the oversized creatures that have had us running for the hills. This six-piece set of luxurious postcards is a glorious collector’s piece and is strictly limited to 100 sets worldwide, making it perfect for any fan of giant monster movies.

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The golden age of science fiction horror taught us that if you make your monsters bigger, your screams will be be louder. Some of cinema’s most iconic moments – and most striking pieces of poster art – owe their magic to the presence of a sky-scraping creature tearing the world to pieces. The Giant Monsters Postcard Set #1 takes you right back to the wild world of vast ancient monsters, scientific experimentation gone wrong, and a world gone mad.

Each of the six cards in this giant monster movie postcard set is printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on 350gsm silk stock that boasts sleek matt lamination on both sides for an opulent finish. Vivid full colour printing allows every meticulous detail of these magnificent posters, each one carefully restored, to burst with life. Chances are you’ll want to keep them as part of your own collection, but if you want to remind a fellow monster kid of just why you love giant monsters, you can write on the vintage-styled reverse with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen. Just make sure you get them in the post before that enormous creature hits your neighbourhood!

The Giant Monsters Postcard Set #1 includes the following artwork:

  • King Kong (1933): the Eighth Wonder of the World looks a picture as he battles the planes in this dizzying artwork from the 1938 re-release of the 1933 classic. Don’t look down!
  • Them! (1954): those ruined buildings and the strange noises in the desert are just the start, in a beloved monster movie that’s as full of drama as its aggressive, hysterical poster art.
  • Godzilla (1954): an Italian poster captures the combination of drama and bleakness that makes this movie – here in its Americanised guise Godzilla King of the Monsters – so powerful.
  • The Deadly Mantis (1957): bug spray is no help against this particular globe-trotting monster, and the quintessentially fifties artwork even offers has helpful pointers on what to expect.
  • The Blob (1958): you don’t get much more iconic in terms of giant sci-fi monsters than a shapeless, ravenous mass from outer space engulfing smalltown America. Can anything stop it?
  • Gorgo (1961): the giant monster attacking London is bad enough, but its mother is even bigger and she’s come to rescue it from captivity. Like the movie itself, this poster is a true spectacle.

These are movies that didn’t do things by halves – there’s no time for subtlety when there’s a huge monster on the loose, so the Giant Monsters Postcard Set #1 is full of the explosive drama and city-sized thrills that make these films so special. And with only 100 sets worldwide, they’re a real collector’s item too. These behemoths of the movie screen might threaten civilisation as we know it, but they’ll also look great in your classic monster movie memorabilia collection.

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