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William Castle Collection Postcard Set #1


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Ships January 2021.

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Ships January 2021.

Hold on to your seat, even if there is something scary underneath it – the master of classic cinematic gimmickry is here, and he’s brought his monsters with him! The William Castle Collection Postcard Set #1 is a headline-grabbing limited edition celebration of six horror movies that combined gothic chills with a flair for showmanship. We pay tribute to William Castle’s unique and enduring place in cinema history with six full colour postcards featuring the vibrant artwork he used to draw willing audiences into his wildly creative chamber of horrors. From haunted houses to brutal killers, and ghost viewers to publicity stunts, this entertainment innovator didn’t stop pushing boundaries, so join us on a spook-filled journey into kitsch chills, but be quick – with only 100 sets available worldwide, the darkness will soon be upon us!

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The world of classic horror movies has seen many filmmakers cause a big splash, but few did it with as much style as William Castle. His dedication to expanding the cinematic experience saw the creation of gadgets and gimmicks galore, all designed to make a trip to the movies more than an evening spent watching a motion picture. The William Castle Collection Postcard Set #1 captures the rich atmosphere of this very special era in cinema history, with carefully restored artwork that immerses you in worlds of shuddering seats, floating skeletons and leering corpses. What could be more thrilling or chilling?

This William Castle movie postcard set is the perfect accompaniment to a bucket of popcorn and a fresh viewing of these kitsch classics. The front of each card showcases a meticulously restored piece of poster art that captures the high-octane drama, outrageous claims and audience participation that’s such a part of the William Castle approach. You might know these posters but you’ve never seen them looking so good! The cards are printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on robust 350gsm silk stock and matt laminated on both sides to provide a slick eye-catching sheen. The reverse features a vintage-styled design with space for you to write a message and an address, so you can send your latest gimmick idea to a friend – or perhaps call them out for being too much of a scaredy-cat to watch these ghoulish classics with you.

The William Castle Collection Postcard Set #1 includes artwork from the following horror movies:

Macabre (1958): how much shock can you take? William Castle offered every audience member a $1000 life insurance policy in case this ghastly tale of abduction and murder caused them to die of fright. The vivid, in-your-face poster art gives you plenty or warning about what awaits…
House on Haunted Hill (1959): Vincent Price is at his most languid and the ghosts are at their noisest, as a house party with a deadly difference gets underway. The Emergo special effect saw a skeleton float over the heads of viewers at a crucial point in the action – be careful, the ghosts are coming for you!
13 Ghosts (1961): with so many spooks in one movie it seems hard to escape them, but why would you want to? With William Castle’s high-tech ghost viewer gadget, audiences could choose to watch this haunted house yarn with its resident spooks hidden from view, or reveal the ghouls in their full glory.
Mr Sardonicus (1961): mystery is the name of the game in this evocative artwork. Macabre gothic tale Mr Sardonicus featured a Punishment Poll allowing the audience to decide whether the wicked, grinning baron – his face frozen into a terrifying grin – will be spared justice.
The Old Dark House (1963): a golden age classic got a grotesque comedy makeover with some help from Hammer, as William Castle brought us a parade of oddballs. As the wickedly gothic poster art shows, this has to be one of the strangest houses you’ll ever enter.
The Night Walker (1964): written by master suspense author Robert Bloch, this eerie movie took viewers through the twists and turns of a mind which may or may not be unravelling. The nightmarish artwork immerses you in the film’s haunting mood even before the opening credits roll…

Whether you’re brave enough to face all the horrors ahead, or need to hide from the terrors as they unfold, the William Castle Collection Postcard Set #1 is a must-have for your movie memorabilia collection. This set of richly reproduced poster art is a door into a world where horror cinema crosses boundaries, reaching from the movie screen itself and right into your seat or over your head. And remember, with only 100 sets available, they’ll be gone faster than those ghosts from a viewing device, so place your order today!

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