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Val Lewton Postcard Set


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Something terrifying is about to happen… we can’t see it, but we know it’s there. Is it a supernatural monster preparing to pounce, or is it an altogether more human form of evil? The movies produced by Val Lewton for RKO are benchmarks in the horror genre, and the Val Lewton Postcard Set from Classic Monsters is a great way to celebrate these iconic tales of danger and doubt. This luxury movie art postcard set presents dizzying, evocative artwork from some of Val Lewton’s most celebrated horror pictures, immersing you in stories where every shadow hides something unknown and every person has their own agenda. With only 100 sets available worldwide, it’s a sure bet that whatever may be whispered behind locked doors, these Val Lewton horror movie postcards will mark their owners out as people of note.

In a movie industry where bigger was always better and the monsters had to become ever more gruesome, the limited budgets allocated to his movies meant that screenwriter and producer Val Lewton had to take a different approach. Rather than trying to compete with Universal’s increasingly outrageous monster mashes, he instead focused on what we didn’t see. The movies he produced for RKO played on our innate fears not just of the world around us, but the world within – the artwork in the Val Lewton Postcard Set captures this sense of ominous introspection, with beautifully restored poster art hinting at the mysteries his movies unfold. What will our instincts lead us to do if we don’t control them? Are some of us evil without realising? And what kind of monstrosities can one person drive another to commit?

As you ponder the questions of reality and imagination posed by these uniquely haunting thrillers, you’ll get lost in the rich artwork design and high-end image reproduction that make the Val Lewton Postcard Set a must-have. Lewton is not afraid to shake our understanding of the action, his protagonists’ thoughts mirroring our own: events are analysed and re-analysed until the characters don’t know what to believe, and key to the success of these movies is that we’re not sure either. These Val Lewton movie postcards act like windows into stories of the unknown, with a combination of full-on horror and more cerebral mystery in each piece of poster art. In cinematic worlds where everything is open to question, even our own ideas about what we’re seeing might be a little shaky. Are these Val Lewton movie postcards really so scary, or is it just a reflection of our own minds..?

Wherever the truth lies, there’s no denying that the Val Lewton Postcard Set is a fine addition to your collection of horror movie memorabilia. Each card is printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on sturdy 350gsm silk stock, with matt lamination on each side giving a rich sheen that’ll withstand plenty of jump scares from buses in the park. On the front of each card you’ll find a piece of lovingly restored poster art; on the back, the vintage-style reverse has space for any messages, laden with hidden meaning, that you might want to send. You’ll always get the best results writing on these Val Lewton movie postcards with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen.

The Val Lewton Postcard Set features poster art from the following movies:

  • Cat People (1942): when passions run high, Irena becomes a lethal feline – or does she? This eerie classic explores questions of heritage, auto-suggestion and dangerous jealousy, helped no end by some gloriously threatening lighting. Cat People stands as a prime example of Val Lewton’s skill in telling stories that pose more questions than they answer, with the poster art combining the sensual and the sinister.
  • The Leopard Man (1943): the sultry New Mexico heat hangs like a shroud over a disturbing tale of an escaped big cat – or is it a vicious killer? The inky shadows conceal all manner of wrongdoing and it seems nobody is safe, as a trail of mutilated victims leads deep into a terrifying mystery. The Leopard Man is an early cinematic foray into the world of serial killers, and even the poster art has claws.
  • The Seventh Victim (1943): a young mind collapses in on itself as a devil-worshipping cult works its wickedness, in a movie that has become a cult favourite. The downbeat ending of this achingly harrowing tale was controversial at the time and still has immense power, as evoked by the stark imagery of the poster artwork. When death is all around, how do you stay away from the darkness?
  • The Curse of the Cat People (1944): this most unique coming of age story continues the tale of Cat People’s Irena, now a ghost helping young Amy navigate a cold and unfeeling world. The first directing credit of acclaimed Hollywood helmsman Robert Wise, this lyrical and poignant journey into the imagination asks whether the legacy of the cat people is really a curse, or more of a blessing…
  • The Body Snatcher (1945): inspired by the historical tale of Burke and Hare, this hypnotic motion picture whisks us back to period Edinburgh and a conspiracy of silence which can only lead to horror. While the ghoulish deeds are very real indeed, and Boris Karloff’s portrayal of the corrupt John Gray never fails to chill the blood, the movie’s atmosphere of creeping madness is perfectly captured in the detailed, grisly poster art.
  • Isle of the Dead (1945): trapped in quarantine on a graveyard island, an anxious group of strangers face more than just isolation as this bold piece of artwork shows. Growing paranoia, the threat of plague and the apparent presence of an evil creature are enough to drive anyone to distraction – especially when they’ve been buried alive. Boris Karloff delivers a thoughtful performance in another piece of Lewton magic.

Bringing together the mystery, horror, drama and noir genres, Val Lewton crafted motion pictures that make us stop and take notice. The Val Lewton Postcard Set takes you back to those shaded rooms, desolate streets and tortured spirits, but while the nature of evil might be in doubt, one thing’s for certain – with just 100 sets worldwide, these postcards are soon to be as elusive as the cat people themselves. Don’t miss out, place your order today!

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