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The California coast has never looked less inviting, as the Ultimate Guide to The Birds takes you through the besieged streets of Bodega Bay and unfolds the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s beloved horror movie. The pages of this glorious magazine guide draw you into a unique cinematic world of suspense, fear and romance, exploring the origins and development of one of cinema’s most enduring thrillers. A wealth of information awaits, from absorbing and detailed articles through to fact-packed biographies – and as you’d expect, this guide to The Birds 1963 is packed to the bird-infested rafters with gorgeous stills, beautifully restored to make this another essential for your collection.

The Birds may have had its origins in the 1952 Cornwall-set story by celebrated writer Daphne du Maurier, but in the hands of screenwriter Evan Hunter and director-producer Alfred Hitchcock it became the nerve-shredding motion picture we know today. This Birds 1963 movie guide takes you through the difficult production process, chronicling the numerous off-screen challenges while celebrating the finished movie’s blend of artistry, style and – thanks to a strong cast including newcomer Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor and Jessica Tandy – first-rate performances.

The Birds 1963 Ultimate Guide

In line with the other Ultimate Guides in the Classic Monsters range, this guide to The Birds is produced to the highest standard. Printed on finest quality silk paper stock whose subtle sheen means that every page is a delight, it’s finished to A4 size (210mm x 297mm) with a sturdy cover that shimmers with dazzling gloss lamination. There has never been a magazine guide to The Birds like this.

The use of full colour printing is one of the hallmarks of quality that makes this unmistakably a Classic Monsters title: worlds away from cheaper old-fashioned monochrome printing, the use of high-end print processes means the Birds 1963 Ultimate Guide shows every detail, every variation in light and shadow, and every moment of terror. Far more than a brochure or pamphlet, this guide to The Birds is a uniquely collectible resource that no fan of The Birds, or the work of Alfred Hitchcock, should be without.

It can be easy to take this movie for granted today, but the Ultimate Guide to The Birds reveals the reasons why it’s such an important moment in film history. From its origins in du Maurier’s work, to the combination of George Tomasini’s skilful editing with Disney special effects, and the many timeless images that have become part of the fabric of the cinematic art, this Birds movie magazine guide is your must-have companion for another trip across to Bodega. An abundance of information, trivia and ‘I never knew that’ moments will give you a deeper appreciation for a movie that, as you’ll learn, was by no means universally adored at the time of its release.

As you progress through a series of illuminating articles, you’ll discover the many touches of brilliance that make The Birds so special, such as the use of cinematography and pacing that turns a wonder of the natural world into a source of terror. In addition to the bounty of detail on the making of the film itself, this guide to The Birds also introduces the cast and crew whose combined efforts brought such an immortal piece of movie magic to life. Enlightening biographies offer insight not just into their careers, but into the people behind the hard work: from stars Hedren and Taylor, through to director Hitchcock, screenwriter Hunter and cinematographer Robert Burks, you’ll see how each individual contributed to a far greater whole. Of course, we also look at the tensions that ran through the team, and the uncomfortable legacy they left.

It’s time to get ready for little Cathy Brenner’s birthday party, so let’s stop off at the pet shop to buy her a present. Don’t worry about that Melanie Daniels taking all the limelight (these socialites are all glamour and no substance), it’s hardly the brightest of days anyway with all those gulls flying around blocking the sun. They do seem to be more aggressive than usual… have you got some bird seed in your bag? Let’s head indoors and settle down with the Ultimate Guide to The Birds – it’s sure to leave you feeling chirpy…

  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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