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Roger Corman Postcard Collection #1


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Step out into the mists and the madness with the Roger Corman Postcard Collection #1, a moody tribute to a unique combination of storytelling and moviemaking. This set of six movie art postcards celebrates the screen-filling spectacle of legendary filmmaker Corman’s visionary work, from darkly comedic capers through to explorations of the works of Edgar Allan Poe. These masterpieces of movie atmosphere have left audiences screaming in revulsion and gasping for more, making an unforgettable impact on cinema culture along the way; this set of beautiful art postcards takes you once again through the gothic halls, tainted wastelands and mouldering dungeons that have left many a noble spirit begging for the first light of dawn. No fan of Roger Corman should miss out on these glimpses into a glorious cinematic world, and there are only 100 sets available worldwide – once they’re gone, they’ll be available nevermore!

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Roger Corman has always been a man with a vision, and the movies he released in the early sixties – taking in his series of Poe-inspired movies – helped make him an icon of the horror genre. With a compelling blend of dark humour and deadly serious artisanship, and aided by some of horror’s leading names, he gave us nightmares that had real style. The Roger Corman Postcard Collection #1 is a beautiful set of collectible postcards featuring some of the most striking artwork used to fire the imagination of cinemagoers as they prepared to subject their psyches to all manner of unholy terrors – with a few laughs along the way, naturally.

These Roger Corman movie postcards really are works of art. Each poster has been carefully restored to fully convey the ambience of the original movies’ releases; whether they told of murderous plants, scheming spouses or terrors from beyond mortal imagining, Corman brought his films to life with vibrant and haunting imagery. Sometimes they were based in Poe’s queasy tales, sometimes they were rooted in in the modern day, but as you’ll see, they always had stunning artwork to entice audiences in. The postcards are produced to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on sturdy 350gsm silk stock, with matt lamination on both sides offering a luxurious sheen that makes the Roger Corman Postcard Collection #1 a must-have for your collection. The reverse of each card features a vintage-styled design so you can send some Poe-etry to your own lost Lenore.

The Roger Corman Postcard Collection #1 features artwork from the following movies:

  • The Little Shop of Horrors (1960): looks can be deceiving, as poor Seymour soon discovers when looking after his strange plant Audrey Junior. This whimsical-looking postcard captures the innocence of this iconic movie, while hinting at the horror ahead.
  • Premature Burial (1962): breathing sickly life into Poe’s nightmarish story, this movie starred Ray Milland as a man terrified of being entombed early. The sense of rising fear, and its explosion into terror, is perfectly captured in the vibrant poster art.
  • The Raven (1963): taking only the barest hints of Edgar Allan Poe’s tale and adding plenty of humour, this 1963 comedy brought horror stars Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre together in a battle of wizardly wits. Spells at the ready – it’s time for combat!
  • The Terror (1963): Boris Karloff was back, this time facing off against vengeful spirits and long-buried evil deeds in a story full of twists. The story’s web of secrets is mirrored in the haunting, richly detailed artwork.
  • The Haunted Palace (1963): the title may be Poe but the plot is H P Lovecraft through and through. Vincent Price takes centre stage, with Lon Chaney Jr in a supporting role, as a terrifying story rooted in the Cthulhu mythos unfolds.
  • The Masque of the Red Death (1964): arguably the pinnacle of Corman’s Poe cycle, this vivid tale of a devastating plague is a feast for the senses. Vincent Price stars once again, this time alongside Hazel Court and Jane Asher, as the machinations of the evil Prince Prospero bring ruin upon many heads…

Taking the best of gothic horror, black humour and lurid imagery and mixing in his one-of-a-kind magic, Roger Corman has helped to shape our appreciation of spooky cinema. The Roger Corman Postcard Collection #1 is the perfect addition to your movie memorabilia collection, its dramatic poster art sure to inspire another viewing of these classics – and with only 100 sets available worldwide, maybe they’re even worth selling your soul for.

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