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Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set


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There are many kinds of monsters in the world of classic horror cinema, and few so multifaceted as Frankenstein’s Monster. From the moment it stepped out of Mary Shelley’s timeless novel and onto the screen, this man-made monstrosity has been a favourite of horror fans; filmmakers have let their imaginations run amok in their myriad presentations, taking the Frankenstein legend in some truly unorthodox directions. The Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set is an exciting celebration of some lesser-known movies that have stitched the iconic creature together in ways we might not have expected – and with only 100 sets worldwide it’s fair to say they’re not going to be here for long.

The concept of the Frankenstein Monster is one that never fails to fire the imagination. A living creature born of inanimate parts, given life through science or sorcery… no wonder it’s such a rich source of tales across all kinds of genres and media. The Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set is a beautiful collection of six pieces of poster art that shows this monster is so much more than a one-trick pony. Cowboy adventures, giant-sized destruction and even some teenage angst – they’re all here in this Frankenstein movie postcard set, captured in vibrant and meticulously-restored art that evokes the infinite possibilities of this ever-thrilling monster.

As well as a compelling movie character in its own right, the Frankenstein Monster has also become a cultural mirror. Key to its popularity is its ability to reflect the age in which it’s presented, and the beautiful poster artwork in the Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set showcases some of this manmade creation’s most offbeat outings. Whether it’s been a bloodthirsty killer or a tragic victim of circumstances, there’s no denying the enduring power of the Monster to capture our attention. These vividly illustrated collectible Frankenstein movie postcards are an ideal way to immerse yourself in its ever-evolving misadventures while adding a rich new item to your collection of horror movie memorabilia.

Each card in the Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set is printed in rich full colour on robust 350gsm silk stock to A6 size (105 x 148mm). Matt lamination on both sides adds to the quality feel while giving these Frankenstein movie postcards a lustrous sheen that looks great under the laboratory lights. Any important scientific notes can be jotted down on the vintage-style reverse; you’ll get the best results using a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen, but it’s more likely you’ll want to enjoy the artwork for yourself.

The Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set features the following artwork:

  • I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (1957): not only did this iconic movie launch a thousand copycat titles, but it was also packed with iconic horror moments. From the teenage monster itself prowling the streets, to Whit Bissell’s turn as a wickedly entertaining Frankenstein with an alligator pit in his laboratory, the gruesome poster art on show here is just the beginning.
  • Frankenstein 1970 (1958): Boris Karloff made another memorable contribution to Frankenstein lore in this quirky take on the legend that also boasts striking artwork. The Baron is strapped for cash, so what better way to fund his latest experiment than invite a film crew to his castle? Naturally for a Frankenstein movie, there’s more afoot than meets the eye, with an impressive body count and a satisfying sting in the tail.
  • Frankenstein’s Daughter (1958): family ties and gender equality are the name of the game as a well-meaning experiment is hijacked and havoc ensues. The flame-filled artwork is a hint of what’s to come; the pretty girls of modern-day America aren’t safe from the crazy machinations of Frankenstein’s descendant and his lethal female creation.
  • Frankenstein Conquers the World (1965): giant monster thrills abound in Toho’s addition to the legend. Nazi horrors, the Hiroshima bombing and a super-sized young Frankenstein monster battling the kaiju Baragon… this mind-boggling combination of ideas might be a disaster for the people of Japan, but it’s a sure-fire recipe for some cinema excitement.
  • Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter (1966): the horror movie meets the western in this truly bizarre production. The evil scientist of the piece is actually Frankenstein’s granddaughter, kidnapping children to use as mind-controlled slaves and getting tangled up in the exploits of real-life outlaw Jesse James. With gunfights galore and some lab-based madness, it’s an altogether unique take on a familiar tale.
  • Lady Frankenstein (1971): this raunchy Italian interpretation of the source material brings us the seductive Tania Frankenstein, whose determination to continue her father’s work is nothing if not focused. The luxuriously detailed poster art evokes the opulence and drama of a story packed with grave-robbing, bare flesh and plenty of double-crossing.

No fan of Mary Shelley’s unforgettable creation should miss this Frankenstein movie postcard set. It’s a stylish journey through some of the lesser-known branches of the Frankenstein family tree, and may inspire you to break some scientific boundaries of your own. But beware – the Frankenstein Obscura Postcard Set is strictly limited to 100 sets worldwide, so get yours before they flee the lab forever!

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