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Dracula Obscura Postcard Set


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The name Dracula is rich in meaning – even those not steeped in horror lore recognise its significance, such is its prevalence in popular culture and our shared consciousness. Bram Stoker’s character has defined vampirism, shaping our understanding of a legend and inspiring countless stories across all manner of media, many of which bear only the most fleeting resemblance to their origins. The Dracula Obscura Postcard Set is a thrilling tribute to some of the more outlandish takes on Dracula’s legend; from the eerie to the outrageous, these are unique approaches to the Dracula story, and with only 100 of these Dracula movie postcard sets worldwide, they’re sure to be gone before sunrise…

It’s a story that feels like it’s always been a part of us; the idea of Dracula – that ancient noble, sustained by blood and exerting an inhuman influence over those he seeks to conquer – is our entrypoint to a world of danger, romance and shadowy fascination. It’s no wonder, then that some of cinema’s most daring filmmakers have crafted their own versions of the tale. The Dracula Obscura Postcard Set is a glorious curation of evocative full colour artwork from six niche Dracula movies, restored and reproduced to give you a glimpse into some of the strange worlds that Stoker’s story inspired. As you’ll see, boxes of soil and a trip to the seaside are just the beginning.

From lavish reimaginings of the original novel, through to elegantly erotic reworkings and even time travel kitsch, it seems Dracula’s story can be taken in any direction you could think of, exploring social and cultural mores through the passions of the vampire count. The Dracula Obscura Postcard Set celebrates the enduring power of a monster who seems to stand at the very centre of the horror genre, and yet can turn his hand to even the most offbeat adventure. These niche Dracula movie postcards offer an insight into the many forms Dracula has taken on his journey through cinema history, and are sure to make a bloody mark on your horror movie memorabilia collection.

Each of the six cards in the Dracula Obscura Postcard Set is printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on sturdy 350gsm silk stock, making for a robust quality feel. Matt lamination on both sides adds a rich lustre to the vibrant full colour artwork, so whether it’s broad daylight or an eerie full moon, these niche Dracula movie postcards will look beautiful in your collection. You can use the vintage-style reverse to write down any important notes, such as property contract details, but chances are you’ll be keeping these under lock and key, perhaps with your collection of insects. You’ll get the best results using a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen.

The Dracula Obscura Postcard Set features artwork from the following movies:

  • Blood of Dracula (1957): if you want to be absolutely specific this isn’t a Dracula movie, but the parallels are pretty obvious. Behind the teenage angst and crazy monster make-up you’ll find some heavy-handed references to the Carpathian Mountains, victims with punctured necks, bloody poster art and lots of mind control – yes, this movie has plenty of Dracula cred.
  • Santo en el tesoro de Drácula / Santo in Dracula’s Treasure (1968): chances are Bram Stoker didn’t have this in mind when he penned his 1897 original. In this extraordinary take on the Dracula story, Santo the masked Mexican wrestler heads back in time and engages in battle with the bloodsucker himself – in both family-friendly and nudity-sporting ‘adult’ edits.
  • Count Dracula (1970): staying close to the original story, Jess Franco’s atmospheric, stylish yet critically underwhelming movie starred Hammer icons Christopher Lee and Herbert Lom alongside Klaus Kinski. The stark poster art hints at the grim gothica that awaits, with a strong focus on its fidelity to Stoker’s novel.
  • Dracula vs Frankenstein (1971): J Carrol Naish and Lon Chaney star in a different kind of monster mash-up to their mittelEuropean adventures, with a contemporary sci-fi story also featuring Angelo Rossitto and cult hero Forrest J Ackerman. The explosive poster art, meanwhile, combines classic gothic adventure with seventies comic book drama.
  • Blood for Dracula (1974): the Count heads to Italy and sets his sights on the di Fiore family in this apparently civilised yet actually rather depraved take on the novel. Udo Kier stars, while Andy Warhol co-produces, and the aggressive promotional art promises the kind of bloodletting that would make any incarnation of Dracula proud.
  • Dracula (1979): dripping with atmosphere and adding a sizeable dose of romance to Stoker’s often bleak tale, this star-studded feature combined Frank Langella, Donald Pleasance, Laurence Olivier and Kate Nelligan. This version of the story, with a passionate and lonely vampire count, is based on the famed stage adaptation but you’d never guess from the dramatic, stormy poster art.

Cinema has given us a near-infinite variety of Draculas to terrify and seduce us. The Dracula Obscura Postcard Set will draw you into some of the wilder worlds inspired by Bram Stoker’s immortal character, so grab your set today. Remember, there are only 100 sets of these niche Dracula movie postcards worldwide so while they won’t turn to dust, they certainly won’t be here for long…

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