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Discover the atmospheric artwork of some lesser-known werewolf movies with our Werewolf Obscura Postcard Set #1, a set of six beautiful posters to draw you back into the many lycanthropic legends of this beloved genre. This set is limited to just 100 sets worldwide and captures the many cinematic werewolves that have haunted our moonlit dreams.

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As one of the staple movie monsters, the werewolf has hunted us through countless movies since the dawn of the horror movie as we know it. Every story has been different, and the Werewolf Obscura postcard set 1 is a great way to celebrate the fates – sometimes terrifying, sometimes tragic – of cinema’s assorted lycanthropes.

This set of six full colour werewolf movie postcards is A6 size (105 x 148mm), with each image carefully restored to look its absolute best as part of your werewolf movie memorabilia collection. Each image is printed on 350gsm silk stock, with matt lamination on both sides giving a sleek sheen that you can write on with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen. The reverse of each card features a vintage-inspired design with space for your own message and address details of anyone you might want to send it to; however, it’s more than likely you’ll want to keep these cards as collector’s pieces for yourself.

The movies included in the Werewolf Obscura Postcard Set #1 are:

  • Cry of the Werewolf (1944): Nina Foch stars as gypsy princess Celeste in one of the relatively few movies to focus on a female werewolf.
  • The Werewolf (1956): this offbeat offering used scientific experimentation as the basis for its hero’s transformations into a fierce werewolf.
  • I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957): this beloved movie brought us a hormonal, aggressive young werewolf with star-in-the-making Michael Landon.
  • Daughter of Dr Jekyll (1957): with themes of sanity, conspiracy and gaslighting, this movie proves that being a werewolf isn’t all it seems.
  • Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory (1961): this tense, mood-laden Italian thriller is far scarier than the title would lead you to expect.
  • La noche de Walpurgis / Le messe nere della contessa Dracula (1971): as the poster art suggests, this instalment in Paul Naschy’s lengthy werewolf / vampire saga is packed with action.

Don’t forget, the Werewolf Obscura Postcard Set #1 ships with a priority worldwide service via UK Royal Mail so it’ll reach you sooner, wherever you are. As a limited edition of just 100 sets worldwide, it’s something no collector of werewolf movie memorabilia should be without.

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