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Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

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Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 brings your favourite classic horror films right up to date, offering a new perspective on the revered motion pictures of yesteryear. Our unique and celebrated combination of engaging articles, beautifully restored stills and first-rate presentation takes you back to the halcyon days of classic monster cinema in rare style, and is loved by fans around the world. We share your passion for vintage horror movies, taking a thoughtful yet accessible approach to exploring the genre that makes every issue a must-have. Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 is another glorious journey through all manner of nightmarish movie worlds, combining full-blooded terror with some more subtle chills as we bring you a range of articles to enjoy.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

Our lead article introduces itself via Daniel Horne’s breathtaking cover art, a stunning image of Christopher Lee and Melissa Stribling in Hammer’s 1958 evergreen Dracula. We welcome renowned horror scholar, biographer and actor Jonathan Rigby as he takes us moment by moment through this powerful retelling of Bram Stoker’s story; a plethora of detail awaits you as the movie’s structure and meticulous cinematic storytelling is laid bare with Jonathan’s trademark insight and knowledge. You’ll also rediscover Dracula’s visual impact with a range of gorgeous stills, all restored and reproduced to the high standards you expect. No fan of Hammer’s Dracula can possibly miss this deep dive into one of horror cinema’s pivotal moments.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

The first stop in your journey through Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 is, therefore, a most informative and entertaining one, but there’s much more to come. Nige Burton whisks us back to the world of RKO producer Val Lewton with an exploration of 1945’s macabre period thriller The Body Snatcher. Based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson, but with roots in real-life horrors, this truly unsettling movie features a terrifying star turn from Boris Karloff as corpse courier John Gray, with sterling support from Bela Lugosi and Henry Daniell. A wealth of moody stills take you through the streets of a shadowy, sinister Edinburgh as this fact-packed article reveals the secrets of The Body Snatcher. It’s sure to put you off attending the next anatomy class…

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

There’s certainly no doubting the eerie artistry of The Body Snatcher, but horror cinema has also taken great pains over the years to look at the more ‘traditional’ artistic disciplines, as well as skewing them in all manner of evil ways. In a thought-provoking look at the art world as depicted in horror cinema, Jamie Jones examines the ways in which the tortured artist has become a monster movie archetype. From mad sculptors to monstrous wax museum exhibits and a certain masked opera composer, there’s no shortage of crazy creators out there. We also look at the imagery which has promoted and celebrated our favourite classics, with artists like Albin Grau (Nosferatu 1922) and Reynold Brown (The Incredible Shrinking Man 1957) crafting some of the genre’s most memorable imagery.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

A different kind of excellence emerges later in Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 with our biography of actor Whit Bissell. You might know him best from his turn as Dr Thompson in Creature From the Black Lagoon in 1954, or as the sinister Dr Brandon in I Was a Teenage Werewolf (1957), but you’ll soon discover that there was much more to his life and work than a slew of admittedly iconic horror film appearances. Alex Hopkins’ feature shines a light on the early life and extensive career of this stalwart support actor; you’ll learn of the challenges he faced, and the huge number of memorable motion pictures to which he brought his often understated yet always compelling presence.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

There’s much darker fare too, as we head deep into the tunnels of the London Underground for a trip on the Death Line. This beloved 1972 movie puts a hypnotically grisly spin on urban legends, with Donald Pleasence and Christopher Lee bringing star quality to a tale of cannibalism and terror beyond the tracks. David Huckvale’s shrewd analysis delves into this cult classic to uncover the hidden details that make it an unforgettable experience. Naturally, this richly illuminating Death Line article is amply accompanied by an abundance of dazzling stills, restored to look their absolute best as you enjoy another revealing journey into movie history. This feature is another reason why Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 is a must-have.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

Rather less horrific, but with an altogether different appeal, is 1940 Boris Karloff vehicle The Ape, the subject of this issue’s Kitsch Corner feature. It’s monkey business all the way, but its brassy exterior is far from spineless as the well-intentioned Dr Bernard Adrian heads to the dark side in his hunt for spinal fluid. There’s so much to enjoy in this quintessentially outrageous Poverty Row curiosity; Marcus Turner’s wide-eyed exploration ensures this offbeat entry into Karloff’s hall of fame won’t escape your attention for long.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

Produced to A4 size (210mm x 297mm) on the highest quality paper stock, Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 is an unmissable addition to every classic horror cinema fan’s library. Our commitment to excellence extends to the production quality, as every cleanly-designed page is printed in full colour throughout. This means that while our colour images burst with vibrant detail, black and white stills also have a richness and depth far surpassing traditional newspaper-style printing. Meanwhile, the glossy cover allows Daniel Horne’s stunning painting to shine.

Inside Classic Monsters of the Movies #31 you’ll find:

  • Dracula – journey back to the eerie halls of Hammer Horror with our gorgeously illustrated, fact-packed walkthrough of Terence Fisher’s iconic 1958 masterpiece.
  • The Body Snatcher – how else are those medical students going to learn their craft? Discover Val Lewton’s haunting take on the darker side of life in 1831 Edinburgh.
  • The Art of Darkness – artists have always been a particularly fertile source of material for horror cinema, so it’s time to explore the creepier side of culture.
  • Whit Bissell – whether playing mad scientists or those of a more noble persuasion, this hardworking actor brought a quiet gravitas to every performance.
  • Death Line – gritty and ghastly, this movie is packed with tension and horror, as well as moments of unexpected humour. From now on, you’ll always prefer to take the bus…
  • The Ape – desperate times call for desperate measures as medical altruism turns into something altogether nastier. Who said Poverty Row can’t do body horror?
  • And more besides!

Whatever age of horror cinema is your favourite, Classic Monsters are passionate about bringing you the very best in nostalgia, analysis and commentary on the movies you love. With revered classics alongside lesser-celebrated cult films, Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #31 is sure to inspire a fresh viewing of a well-known movie or an altogether new discovery.

If you’d prefer the ultra-limited legacy hardback edition of this issue, click here – there are only 15 copies in the world!

Magazine specification:

  • 68 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • A4 PUR square bound format
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover
  • Packed with stills, posters, articles and info
  • Printed and finished to the highest standard

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3 reviews for Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #31

  1. James Kradel

    I just got my issue 31 10 minutes ago. WOW I am very excited to get into it. It looks fantastic all the photos are priceless. I could write more but I got to go its time to get into my issue 31, Ill be back again. Thanks again CLASSIC MONSTERS another great job.

  2. Donna mae (verified owner)

    I have also just received Issue 31. It is worth the wait! Beautiful articles and pictures, many not seen before!!

  3. NA Parry

    After 30 issues, it would be easy to get complacent about the high quality of these publications. Stunningly designed from start to finish, every new edition still blows me away.

    It’s nice to read Jonathan Rigby’s notes on Hammer’s Dracula; a personal favourite of mine, Death Line, is examined and celebrated and makes me want to watch it all over again; the wonderful Body Snatcher is discussed at length – the last meet-up of Boris Karloff and ‘poor’ Bela Lugosi.

    These magazines are genuinely unmissable. Many cograts and thanks as always to the team.

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