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Classic Ghost Train Movies Postcard Set


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Have your tickets ready for inspection and leave all your mortal expectations behind on the platform – the Classic Ghost Train Movies Postcard Set is a one-way journey into the depths of movie terror. This collection of six ghost train movie postcards celebrates horror cinema’s love for rickety railroads and terrifying tunnels. Beautiful poster art takes you on a winding route across multiple landscapes of fear, with each moment more unstoppably eerie than the last as you discover the ways in which the humble train has become so much more than a mode of transport – and with only 100 sets worldwide, these will be out of the station before you know it!

From the vintage allure of steam engines through to the majesty of the Trans-Siberian railway and the eerie sprawl of the London Underground, there’s always an adventure to be had on a railway – it’s no coincidence that storytellers have set some truly beloved tales aboard moving trains. The Classic Ghost Train Movies Postcard Set brings you six gloriously restored pieces of poster art from some of the horror genre’s most iconic train-based movies. The art styles are very different but each one will whisk you down the tracks to a new and blood-curdling adventure.

These train horror movie postcards capture the uniquely enclosed atmosphere of a rail journey. Who are the other passengers? What are their stories? And where are we really heading? As your train hurtles down the tracks towards some isolated country station, you can’t help but feel uncomfortable – it’s a feeling that filmmakers have capitalised on, and the Classic Ghost Train Movies Postcard Set is a perfect window into this compelling subgenre. Paranoia and vulnerability are the order of the day here, and the artwork on these ghost train movie postcards combines a grand sense of scale with panic-inducing claustrophobia to almost hypnotic effect.

Each card in the Classic Ghost Train Movies Postcard Set is beautifully reproduced to make it a treasured memento of your journey off the rails. They’re printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on sturdy 350gsm silk stock, with a luxurious matt finish that will be the envy of your fellow passengers. If the carriage stays still enough you can write a note to the driver on the vintage-styled reverse; you’ll get the best results with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen.

The Classic Ghost Train Movies Postcard Set features artwork from the following films:

  • The Ghost Train (1927): based on the 1923 play by Arnold Ridley, this German-British collaboration was directed by prolific Hungarian helmsman Geza von Bolvary and took audiences to an eerie railway station plagued by strange happenings. Rich in atmosphere and populated by eccentric characters, it turned an ordinary location into the centre of an intriguing mystery perfectly embodied in the moody, dramatic poster art.
  • The Phantom Express (1932): there’s a ghost train on the Southwest Pacific Railroad – or is there? This spooky pre-Code drama based its action around a series of strange misfortunes on a railway line where nothing is quite what it seems. Popular actors of the day such as William Collier Jr and Sally Blane brought star quality to a tale of business rivalry with a tense, pulse-pounding finale.
  • The Ghost Train (1941): Arnold Ridley’s play enjoyed a new screen adaptation in 1941, with comedian Arthur Askey taking centre stage (and on the poster too) as live wire Tommy Gander. Despite all the laughs, there’s a striking sense of danger in this evergreen comedy-chiller, and the plentiful twists are sure to keep you guessing as mysterious strangers add ever more layers to an involving story.
  • Dr Terror’s House of Horrors (1965): Amicus’ star-studded anthology classic brought us Peter Cushing as the outwardly kindly Dr Schreck, telling the fortunes of his five fellow passengers in a claustrophobic train compartment. Yet his strange tarot cards seem to know a little too much, and none of the stories end well – what is really happening as the train heads into the darkness? There are plenty of clues in this lavish, detailed Italian poster art.
  • Death Line (1972): the shadowy tunnels in the depths of the London Underground network are no place for the faint of heart, and nor is the queasily ominous artwork. This gritty shocker is packed with horrifying imagery and a haunting story that will make your flesh crawl as well as tug at the heartstrings, while Donald Pleasence turns in a sterling lead performance. All together now – mind the doors!
  • Horror Express (1972): Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee battling extraterrestrial evil on a trans-Siberian train, with assistance from Telly Savalas – what could be more exciting? From the epic sweep of the poster art onwards, this British-Spanish production is a non-stop thrill ride of tension and horror that you won’t forget in a hurry. There’s nowhere to hide and the monster could be anywhere, so don’t let your guard down…

It doesn’t matter how many empty seats there are in this spooky carriage – there are only 100 of the Classic Ghost Train Movie Postcard Sets in the world and they won’t be around for long. Don’t let the gentle rocking of the locomotive lull you into a false sense of security… this is a truly first-class ghost train postcard set, so don’t miss out on yours!

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