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The Classic Zombie Movies Postcard Set shows the many ways zombies have shambled onto the movie screen, with six pieces of glorious artwork paying tribute to this most unsettling horror subgenre. Richly restored poster art takes you from cult classics to icons of the zombie world, each one drawing you into a very different tale of terror. Strictly limited to 100 sets worldwide, this collection of zombie movie postcards is a beautiful collector’s piece.

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You can’t keep a good monster down, especially when that monster is a zombie. Whether their origins lie in science or sorcery, they’ve become one of the staples of horror cinema, and the Classic Zombie Movies Postcard Set is the perfect way to celebrate the many stories woven around them. Tapping into our fears of mortality, the unknown and – in more recent cases – cultural decay, these empty-eyed creatures have come to mean an awful lot to monster fans. This set of zombie movie postcards will inspire you to revisit the many ways in which the undead have touched our lives and haunted our nightmares.

The Classic Zombie Movies Postcard Set includes six pieces of vintage zombie movie artwork, all carefully restored to give you the best experience of the vibrant designs. The cards are printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on sturdy 350gsm silk stock that’s matt laminated on both sides for a lustrous finish that makes them an ideal collector’s piece. If you want to send a call to help to another survivor of the zombie invasion, there’s space on the vintage-styled reverse to write; you’ll get the best results with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen, but it’s more likely you’ll want to preserve their untarnished beauty in your own archives.

The Classic Zombie Movies Postcard Set includes artwork from the following movies:

  • Revolt of the Zombies (1936): the Halperin brothers followed their 1932 classic White Zombie with a story that took in colonialism, love triangles and the mysteries of the undead.
  • King of the Zombies (1941): who said zombies can’t be funny? Monogram’s eerie comedy was packed with atmosphere as well as mindless shambling voodoo victims.
  • I Walked with a Zombie (1943): this haunting classic piles on the psychological thrills as well as the zombie action. What are the strange secrets of Saint Sebastian..?
  • Revenge of the Zombies (1943): taking a topical approach, this wartime sequel to King of the Zombies starred regular horror stalwart John Carradine as a mad scientist working to create a race of living dead warriors for the Third Reich.
  • The Plague of the Zombies (1966): Hammer’s take on zombie horror took audiences to the Cornish countryside, where Squire Hamilton’s ghastly tin miners are not living up to expectations.
  • Night of the Living Dead (1968): George A Romero’s classic used the undead invasion as a metaphor for social injustices, and the genre was never quite the same again.

Whether your favourite zombies are reanimated corpses or products of evil magic, you’ll find them here. The combination of artwork styles makes the Classic Zombie Movies Postcard Set a must for all fans of zombie horror cinema, and with only 100 sets worldwide it’ll be gone in no time.

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