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Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set


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Some creepy-crawlies are a lot worse than others, but the Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set will stop your flesh creeping with a collection of beautiful poster art that makes our favourite bug monsters a lot less scary. From giant things with lots of legs, to humanoid beasts with vicious tempers, these bug monsters occupy a unique place in horror movie culture, and they’re not always bad, sometimes just misunderstood. The glorious poster art on show in this bug monster movie postcard set evokes the drama and wonder of a changing world – from the sci-fi age of the fifties to the new world of the sixties, this was a bumper time for many-legged monsters. It’s time to immerse yourself in the world of bugs and beasties once again, but hurry – there are only 100 sets worldwide, so don’t let these get trapped in anyone else’s web!

For many of us, it’s perfectly natural to recoil in horror from bugs and crawly things. They’re so different from us, so we want them to stay away. However, horror movies have shown us that things aren’t always so clear-cut. Bugs don’t always respond well to being swatted at, particularly when they’re twenty feet long and ripping the city apart, and just because they have compound eyes doesn’t mean they don’t also have feelings. As you enjoy the vivid, carefully-restored poster art in the Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set you’ll recall the moments of emotional impact that made science fiction horror an altogether new landscape. Sometimes they’ve evolved this way, sometimes they’re the product of scientific experimentation, but this bug monster postcard set shows you that one thing’s for sure – you can always rely on them for a great story.

An important part of the power of bug monsters is their ability to make us see the world in a new way. The artwork in the Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set depicts a world in which we discover new kinds of biology and different battles for survival. These aren’t usually monsters we can relate to – they operate to altogether different rules. Filmmakers have explored these frightening, compelling themes with gusto, and the six pieces of poster art you’ll see here offer a glimpse into the way these new frontiers were presented to movie audiences. In the face of something with an armoured carapace and lethal mandibles, you’re unlikely to feel anything but terror – these high quality bug monster movie postcards take you to the heart of each story, with detailed art capturing every moment of disgust and nightmarish fascination.

This luxurious postcard set will be right at home in your nest of classic horror movie memorabilia. The Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set features six pieces of artwork from classic bug monster films. Each postcard is printed to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on 350gsm silk stock that’s sturdy enough to withstand many a spiny leg tap-tapping across it. The cards are matt laminated on both sides to ensure a rich sheen that’s as sleek as a skittering arachnid, and this matt finish brings out the best in the meticulously restored poster artwork on the front of each one. The vintage-styled reverse, meanwhile, has space for an address and a message – perhaps you might want to send a warning to a friend to stock up on bug spray. You’ll get the best results writing on these bug monster movie postcards with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen – in your best spidery handwriting, naturally.

The Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set includes poster art from the following movies:

  • Them! (1954): that weird noise in the desert can’t be anything good, and the Ellinson girl certainly doesn’t want to talk about what she’s seen. It’s no wonder, when you see the enormous ants gracing the exciting poster art that celebrates one of the sci-fi age’s most iconic motion pictures. Them! is a true spectacle of bug horror, from its eerie opening scenes through to the thrills and adventure of the final showdown with the chittering critters.
  • Tarantula (1955): bigger is always better when it comes to science fiction beasties. Well-intentioned science makes for another super-sized movie with poster art to match – on this piece of glorious bug horror movie poster art, you can see every repulsive detail. Civilisation might be under threat from a giant arachnid, but there’s always time to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship that went into promoting this piece of cinema history.
  • The Mole People (1956): things took a turn for the weird with this atmospheric journey into a mysterious and dangerous subterranean culture hidden deep beneath the earth’s surface. The mole people of the title are part of a larger ecosystem; keep them on good terms and they’re valuable allies, but don’t cross them in a fight. This busy postcard evokes the alien nature of the hidden civilisation, with plenty of glimpses of the action that awaits.
  • The Deadly Mantis (1957): geopolitics meets monster horror in this fast-paced, globe-trotting adventure whose titular terror isn’t content to stay in one place. This postcard features an unusual design from the British quad poster art – the deadly mantis itself has never looked so zany – but there’s no getting away from the scale of the shocks. When this mantis flies into the neighbourhood, you’d better start praying.
  • Return of the Fly (1959): after the domestic chills of the 1958 original, this sequel brought in elements of industrial espionage and body-melding nastiness. Vincent Price is back as François Delambre, but the plot twists and shocks are brand new thanks to a cast of shady characters. The intense, visceral poster art gives little of the plot away but hints at the monstrosities that await – hold onto your head, that dematerialisation process can be a little temperamental…
  • Mothra (1961): of the many giant monsters that the Japanese kaiju genre has brought us, the fluttering protector of Infant Island is surely one of the most unique, and this exuberant piece of poster art even features her attendants, the diminutive Shobijin. Hatching from an egg, destroying cities, and hatching from a cocoon into a beautiful but formidable moth, this divine moth isn’t the kind of insect you can swat away easily.

Whether they’re crawling up from the ground, working as servants or simply trying to survive in a hostile world, bug and beast monsters are a sure-fire way to scare movie audiences. There seems to be something buzzing around the lightbulb, but don’t worry about it just now. Just cocoon yourself away with the sumptuous restored poster art of the Bugs and Beasties Postcard Set, but remember there are only 100 sets worldwide, so place your order today before they all flutter away!

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