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The Wicker Man 1973 Ultimate Guide Magazine


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In production.

Head back to Summerisle and discover the dark secrets of the harvest with our Ultimate Guide to The Wicker Man, the 1973 classic that defined the folk horror genre and gave us one of cinema’s most unsettling images.

The peace of a rural idyll is rarely what it seems, and never more so than in British Lion’s nightmarish interpretation of David Pinner’s novel ‘Ritual’. The Ultimate Guide to 1973’s The Wicker Man takes you deep into a world of pagan faith, deceit and human sacrifice – this full colour magazine is an essential for any fan of Classic Monsters, Christopher Lee or the darker side of storytelling.

The Wicker Man 1973 Ultimate Guide Magazine

We take you through the film’s development from its origins in Pinner’s novel to the glorious finished motion picture, and celebrate the keen creative minds that brought it to the screen. Director Robin Hardy and screenwriter Anthony Shaffer crafted a story of old religion and contemporary terror, creating a movie world where tension and dread can chill the blood far more than any baying monster. Within the pages of this magazine guide to The Wicker Man you’ll discover a range of articles with a wealth of information and insight about the making of the movie and its place in horror culture.

Each page boasts beautifully restored stills from the movie, making this Wicker Man magazine a vibrant and colourful feast for the eyes. Our renowned use of full colour print processes gives even black and white stills a depth that monochrome print simply can’t produce, so every image looks its best. With its clean, timeless design and high-end production values, this Ultimate Guide to The Wicker Man is the perfect way to gain a fresh appreciation of one of horror’s most enduring classics.

As you head through the eerie streets towards a date with destiny, our guide to The Wicker Man introduces the many members of the cast and crew whose collective efforts created an unforgettable experience for film fans. As the sleuthing Neil Howie, Edward Woodward is the doomed hero of the piece – his portrayal of the dedicated, naive police sergeant is all the more powerful for its tragic outcome. Meanwhile, Christopher Lee is at his intimidating best as Lord Summerisle, a very different kind of nobleman from his outings as Dracula yet no less dangerous for it. Around them, support stars like Britt Ekland, Lesley Mackie and Lindsay Kemp – not to mention Geraldine Cowper as the mysterious Rowan – crafted a mood of dreamlike intrigue; our Wicker Man magazine guide features fascinating biographies that explore the lives and careers of the many performers whose work still captivates today.

Naturally, no guide to The Wicker Man would be complete without celebrating the work of those behind the camera. From Pinner himself, whose original work planted the seeds of Summerisle’s failed harvest, to director Hardy and screenwriter Shaffer, there are biographies on the talented artists whose skill created the movie’s hypnotic recipe. You’ll meet cinematographer Harry Waxman, composer Paul Giovanni, producer Peter Snell and many others, learning about the many projects they worked on.

The May Day celebrations are starting, and the streets are thronged with masked revellers. That Punch costume looks a little uncomfortable though – perhaps it’s best to let someone else wear it for the parade, and relax at the Green Man Inn with the Ultimate Guide to The Wicker Man. It’s a must-have for any movie fan, and sure to leave you feeling right at home on Summerisle, even if that strange wooden construction does look a little ominous…

Or, if you’d prefer something extra special, click here to check out the exclusive limited hardback edition – there are only 50 in the world!

  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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