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The Classic Monsters Frankenstein Art Print Set 2 is limited to 100 sets worldwide, making it an essential for collectors!

Celebrate Universal’s Frankenstein series with three pieces of evocative artwork capturing some of the franchise’s most memorable images.

As the story of the Frankenstein Monster developed, a wealth of compelling characters told a truly monumental tale. The Universal Frankenstein Art Print Set 2 from Classic Monsters features the work of celebrated artist Ron Whittaker and takes you into the second, third and fourth instalments of this iconic movie series to unforgettable effect.

Each art print is A4 size (210 x 297mm, the same size as our publications) and is produced to the luxurious standard you’ll know from our art prints. Matt lamination provides a rich sheen to complement the beautifully atmospheric artwork. Remember, there are only 100 sets of these Frankenstein art prints in the world, so they’re a perfect collector’s item tribute to a beloved cinematic legend.

The Universal Frankenstein Art Print Set 2 includes:

Dwight Frye as Karl – the ominous sneer hints at the evil ahead, as the man with the thousand-watt stare becomes a party to grave-robbing and kidnapping in Bride of Frankenstein (1935).

Basil Rathbone as Wolf – the sudden realisation of danger mingles with the passion of a scientist making a powerful new discovery – both are reflected in Rathbone’s eyes in Son of Frankenstein (1939).

Lon Chaney as the Monster – the childlike innocence is all but gone, and the Monster’s loneliness is gradually replaced by a bitter thirst for violence in The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942).

The Universal Frankenstein Art Print Set 2 pays tribute to three performances that combined fear, ferocity and ambition to devastating effect. Their subtle stylisation will make them a treasured part of your horror memorabilia collection, offering a glimpse into a world that felt real and yet very unreal, and a cast of memorable characters.

Don’t forget, the Universal Frankenstein Art Print Set 2 is limited to 100 sets worldwide and are not available anywhere else. No fan of Universal horror or the Frankenstein series should miss out!

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