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This product is limited to 100 sets worldwide – a true exclusive and a must-have for your collection!

A collector’s item trio of beautiful art prints featuring unique artwork capturing the wonder, excitement and terror of Universal’s 1931 monster classic.

The movie that turned Boris Karloff into a star is packed with extraordinary moments. Classic Monsters present a trio of gorgeous Frankenstein 1931 art prints featuring the work of acclaimed artist Ron Whittaker, to immerse you once again in the story of Henry Frankenstein’s doomed bid to conquer the forces of life and death.

Each art print is A4 size (210 x 297mm, the same size as our publications) and is produced to the same glorious standard as those accompanying our signed Ultimate Guides, with matt lamination providing a luxurious sheen as you enjoy the stunning, emotive pastel artwork. Our Frankenstein 1931 art print set is an opportunity for reflection on one of horror cinema’s most enduring and affecting movies, a motion picture that has inspired countless fans.

The Frankenstein Art Print Bundle includes:

Boris Karloff as the Monster – a new rendering of the iconic image captures the air of mystery and menace that pervades Karloff’s seminal performance.

Colin Clive as Henry – the taut grimace and fiercely sparkling eyes offer a glimpse into a ruthless ambition that can only lead to tragedy.

Mae Clarke as Elizabeth – as the joy of her wedding day turns to horror, this headstrong young woman finds herself caught up in a terrifying drama.

Each of these collector’s item Frankenstein 1931 art prints is suffused with emotion. Their subtly stylised realism turns key moments from Universal’s movie into a new and poignant experience that will be a rich addition to your Frankenstein memorabilia collection.

These Frankenstein art print sets are limited to 100 worldwide and are not available anywhere else. No fan of Universal horror, Boris Karloff or the movie itself should miss out!

Alternatively, you can save money by purchasing the Frankenstein 1931 Art Print Set together with the Classic Monsters Postcard Pack – click here to view the print and postcard bundle!

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