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The Old Dark House 1932 Ultimate Guide Signed + Art Print

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This item is now sold out.

The first 250 copies of The Old Dark House 1932 Ultimate Guide are signed by authors Nige Burton and Jamie Jones, and come with a FREE art print!

The Old Dark House 1932 Ultimate Guide is a glorious celebration of this Universal golden age classic, evoking the movie’s brooding atmosphere!


As one of legendary director James Whale’s four captivating horror movies, The Old Dark House has a very special place in the hearts of monster film fans. Based on J B Priestley’s novel Benighted, it told of a group of mismatched travellers thrown together in a remote country house by a fierce storm, but facing something much worse within the walls of the old Femm residence…

The Old Dark House 1932 Ultimate Guide

A star-studded cast with the likes of Boris Karloff, Gloria Stuart, Ernest Thesiger, Charles Laughton, Eva Moore, Melvyn Douglas and Raymond Massey brings the tale to life, and Classic Monsters are proud to present a luxurious full colour signed Ultimate Guide magazine exploring the making of the movie, its place in horror cinema history, and the extraordinary pool of talent that brought it all to the screen.

Shaping Universal’s golden age of horror, The Old Dark House was a watershed moment in the genre; it’s packed with memorable images from the billowing storm-lashed curtains in the corridor to the shadow-haunted dining room and the claustrophobic nightmare of the upper staircase. Our renowned image reproduction work ensures that as you explore our Old Dark House signed movie guide, you’ll experience every detail, every moment of tension, and every howl of that incessant wind outside. Full colour printing means that even black and white images enjoy a richness that fires the imagination and awakens memories of this beloved classic.

The oppressive sense of dread – what’s upstairs? Why are Horace and Rebecca so frightened of that mysterious locked door? – is one of the hallmarks of the film’s power; our signed Ultimate Guide magazine to The Old Dark House explores the reasons why it still has such impact today. Insightful articles bring the tale to life in accessible and vivacious style, giving you a unique view on how Priestley’s novel came from the page to the screen and how the combination of skilled personalities brought moviegoers a cinema experience like nothing else.

Celebrating the enduring power and majesty of this golden age classic, this signed Old Dark House magazine is packed with stills, lobbies and artwork that plunge you into the dysfunctional world of the Femms and their rain-soaked house guests. Biographies introduce you to the cast and crew, showing how each played their part in creating a motion picture that has lost none of its power. You’ll discover their lives and careers, gaining a new appreciation for their diverse bodies of work and possibly encountering a few surprises along the way.

Part mystery, part black comedy of manners, part terrifying horror thriller, The Old Dark House has no equal. There really is nothing like this movie, and our atmospheric signed magazine guide to The Old Dark House captures the sense of isolation and vulnerability – tempered with director Whale’s deliciously dark humour – that makes it such a favourite.

The wind is howling, the rain is lashing down, and nobody’s going anywhere on that washed-away road. It’s time to stop making shadow pictures, have a potato, and immerse yourself in our magnificent signed Ultimate Guide to The Old Dark House – the perfect tribute to a milestone in horror cinema.

Remember, the first 250 copies of this title are signed by both authors and come signed with a FREE Old Dark House art print!

Prefer the unsigned version without the art print? Click here to view the regular edition.

Or, if you’d prefer something extra special, click here to check out the exclusive limited hardback edition – there are only 30 in the world!

  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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1 review for The Old Dark House 1932 Ultimate Guide Signed + Art Print

  1. Dan Skopp – USA, State of Wisconsin (verified owner)

    I got the mag yesterday, just in time for my birthday! I had to review the movie after I read the mag. I really enjoy all the information and those wonderful pictures!! I have a hard time in-between the issues!!! I just want more and more!! Thanks to Irma and Joann and all the staff>>

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