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Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set


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There’s something in the water and it certainly isn’t friendly – the Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set is a celebration of some of horror cinema’s favourite aquatic antagonists. Whether they’re stop-motion marvels or men in suits, these are the kinds of big screen beasts that are sure to make us scream in delicious terror as they emerge from the waves to wreak havoc. Dramatic spectacle is the name of the game as these six aquatic horror movie postcards draw you into a world where science fiction and folklore cross, where every crashing wave brings destruction, and where some deep secrets are best left untroubled. Featuring beautifully restored artwork, these sea monster movie postcards are a perfect antidote to bathtime blues, and with only 100 sets worldwide, they’re sure to be gone with the next tide.

Filmmakers in the horror genre have always looked for new frontiers to populate with monsters, and the uncharted depths of the seas are full of inspiration. Earth’s oceans are one of the planet’s last great wildernesses. We don’t know the extent of the weirdness that resides in the deepest, darkest recesses of our world’s waters; the freakish life-forms that grace nature documentaries hint at the kinds of creatures you see in your worst nightmares. The Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set captures the sense of wonder and terror that an unknown body of water can inspire. What’s under the surface? Perhaps it’s a straightforward ancient aquatic creature, something that has evolved into its environment’s apex predator. Then again, it might be more innocent, a creature disturbed by mankind’s meddling that’s destined to meet a tragic end.

As you discover the beautiful artwork in the Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set, you’ll become aware of the ways in which aquatic monsters have inspired cinematic storytellers. The limitations imposed on our behaviour by underwater environments evoke a sense of vulnerability, so when there are monsters involved, we’re even less safe than usual. This contrast between two very different worlds never fails to get the adrenaline flowing. That’s why the artwork in these sea monster movie postcards is meticulously detailed, showing the primal power and destructive capacity of the vast watery wonders we all love to fear. As denizens of an unfamiliar and often hidden world, these creatures exist beyond our sense of reason and logic, following rules and instincts we can’t understand. They’re wild and unpredictable, and no filmmaker worth their salt misses the opportunity to tell us just how dangerous they are by showing them ripping down some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks.

They might not quite be the size of the sea creatures they depict, but the art postcards in the Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set will still make a splash in your monster movie postcard collection. Each one is produced to A6 size (105 x 148mm) on robust 350gsm silk stock, with matt lamination on both sides providing a luxurious finish. Each card in the set has a different piece of glorious poster art, restored to make every moment of city-flattening drama look its best. On the reverse, meanwhile, a vintage-inspired design has space for an address and a message, in case you want to post a message of warning to any incautious landlubbers who haven’t seen what’s emerging from the water. You’ll always get the best results writing on these sea monster movie postcards with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen – who needs messages in bottles anyway?

The Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set includes poster art from the following movies:

  • The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953): atomic testing is always a risk, especially when it awakens a furious dinosaur which wanted to snooze a little longer. Its journey along the coast is packed with iconic moments, from the destruction of a lighthouse to its attack on New York City and the dramatic showdown at Coney Island – and as the poster art shows, nothing is safe from this particular sea monster.
  • Godzilla (1954): inspired by The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, and heralding a new age of kaiju movies, Toho’s unforgettable entry into the monster hall of fame brought us a new and ambiguous monster. Terrifying and destructive as Godzilla is (that radioactive breath will make short work of most things), this is a monster that also has the power to pull at the heartstrings, so don’t be fooled – there’s plenty of emotional drama ahead.
  • It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955): it’s San Francisco’s turn to be targeted by a maritime monster, as Ray Harryhausen’s vast stop-motion cephalopod gets its irradiated tentacles in a twist around the Golden Gate Bridge and the good folks of the city are in full panic mode. Bring out the electrified net and the flamethrowers – this is going to get ugly. It came from beneath the sea, and it needs to stay there.
  • Moby Dick (1956): Herman Melville’s tale of the enormous titular whale, and Captain Ahab’s thirst for revenge against it, became a compelling notion picture starring Gregory Peck. The ruinous spectacle of Ahab’s ruthlessly focused drive for vengeance has lost none of its power; meanwhile, the poster art perfectly captures the awe-inspiring idea of a vast unknowable creature and the consequences of confronting it.
  • The Giant Behemoth (1959): this time, the south coast of England is in danger, as a dying Paleosaurus makes its way to London leaving plenty of dead fish and terrified citizens. As the artwork shows, this movie brings a sense of towering horror to its homely locations, and with future horror stars André Morell and Jack MacGowran along for the ride, there’s no reason not to head to the Thames for a look.
  • Gorgo (1961): it looks as if mankind has got the upper hand as the rampaging sea creature is captured and put on display, but that’s only the start of the story. This piece of apocalyptic poster art shows the kind of destructive antics you can expect as the captive’s Gorgo’s mother comes to rescue her offspring, and you can bet she’s none too pleased to find her baby on show. Sometimes, it’s best just to leave well alone.

The Monsters from the Deep Postcard Set is a beautiful addition to your collection of horror movie postcards. The richly reproduced artwork and quality production values mean that whether you’re dipping your toes in the water, or diving right on in, this subgenre has plenty of excitement to offer. Remember though, there are only 100 sets available worldwide, so if you don’t want to miss yours, it’s full steam ahead to place your order!

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