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Island of Lost Souls 1932 Ultimate Guide Magazine


Pre-order for late Aug 2020.

Product Description

Pre-order for late August 2020 publication and shipping.

The Island of Lost Souls 1932 Ultimate Guide captures the oppressive, nightmarish atmosphere and body-horror shocks of this beloved cult movie from monster cinema’s golden age.


The isolated South Seas island is more dangerous than you might think, and our Ultimate Guide to Island of Lost Souls guides you through every ghastly twist and turn of this horror classic. Paramount’s adaptation of H G Wells’ novel ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ left horror fans reeling with its themes of vivisection, torture and scientific madness; every page of this full colour luxury magazine guide is inspired by the brooding dread and intense drama that make it such a favourite.

Island of Lost Souls 1932 Ultimate Guide

Painstaking image restoration work gives every still, lobby card and element of artwork the exquisite level of detail that is the hallmark of Classic Monsters publications, while the clean and timeless design makes this magazine guide to Island of Lost Souls an absolute must-have for any fan of classic Paramount horror cinema. High-end production values make this more than a guide to Island of Lost Souls: this is a true collector’s item for any classic horror film fan.

As we explore the tale of the insane, tyrannical Dr Moreau and his menagerie of unfortunate hybrids, you’ll discover what went on behind the scenes, and develop a fresh appreciation for a movie that was banned by the British censor and still has the power to shock today. Its themes of vivisection, experimentation and godly ambitions have lost none of their power; a range of absorbing articles bring the story of the movie’s production to life.

In the role of the movie’s resident mad scientist Charles Laughton delivered a tour de force performance, but he was by no means alone in shaping the movie’s uniquely unsettling mood. The Ultimate Guide to Island of Lost Souls features a wealth of biographies, taking in not just cast members who played human characters, like Leila Hyams and Richard Arlen, but also those skilled performers like Bela Lugosi and Kathleen Burke who brought Moreau’s creations to vivid life on the screen.

You’ll also meet the crew members who turned this ageless story into an enduring classic of the horror genre, and witness their differing influences. While author Wells covered themes of identity, humanity and cruelty, screenwriters Philip Wylie and Waldemar Young crafted a violent, brutal tale that, directed by Erle C Kenton, pulled very few punches in its examination of just how lethal scientific skill can be in the wrong hands.

The sweltering island heat is exhausting, and there are screams coming from that locked room, but the Ultimate Guide to Island of Lost Souls is an ideal way to escape the horror of Dr Moreau’s island. Packed with rich information and glorious stills, and produced to the lavish standard you expect, it’s the ideal accompaniment to a fresh viewing of the film, and a return journey to the dreaded house of pain.

Or, if you’d prefer something extra special, click here to check out the exclusive limited hardback edition – there are only 30 in the world!

  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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