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Explore Amicus’ reinvention of a classic tale with the I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide – your ticket to the darkest depths of the human psyche and an unforgettable movie experience. This magazine was written in close collaboration with the movie’s director, Stephen Weeks.

While Amicus are often celebrated for their portmanteau films, their standalone features deserve just as much recognition. 1971’s I, Monster took the familiar story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and updated it with gusto, turning Robert Louis Stevenson’s eerie story into a bleak warning against reckless scientific ambition. The Ultimate Guide to I, Monster is packed with images, information and trivia, guiding you through a nightmare world of warring personalities and evil deeds.

I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide Magazine

Within the pages of this magazine guide to I, Monster you’ll find a wealth of beautifully reproduced stills, many rare and all printed to the exacting standards that make Classic Monsters magazines a must-have for collectors. Our meticulous attention to image restoration, and our commitment to full-colour printing even on black and white images, means this I, Monster movie guide is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A range of absorbing articles lead you through the creation of the movie, from Stevenson’s original mystery story through to the hard-hitting and unrelentingly gloomy motion picture that we love today.

I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide Magazine

Naturally, the action centres on the performances of stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing, who bring some of their Hammer magic to Amicus’ downbeat rendition of period London. While Lee embodies the conflict in the twin roles of Charles Marlowe and Edward Blake, Cushing is the voice of reason as his friend’s experiments unleash unbridled horror in a terrible race against time. The I, Monster Ultimate Guide features biographies charting the lives of these two classic horror icons, offering a glimpse into their illustrious careers and eventful personal lives.

I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide Magazine

Of course, the movie was the work of many hands, so this magazine guide to I, Monster also introduces you to the other team members who turned a well-known story into such a haunting film. Director Stephen Weeks was just 22 when he took charge of the film, his darkly vibrant approach shining through in every frame; in a wealth of unique content, he reveals what went on behind the scenes as the movie took shape. He had a great cast and crew to work with too. In front of the camera, stars Lee and Cushing had strong support from the likes of Mike Raven and Richard Hurndall; behind the scenes, composer Carl Davis and cinematographer Moray Grant were just two of the artists bringing morbid flair to proceedings.

I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide Magazine

No fan of Amicus should miss this guide to I, Monster. It’s packed with information, taking you to the heart of this much-loved motion picture in style. Printed and finished to the very highest standard, it’s a luxurious addition to your horror movie magazine collection, evoking the movie’s grim atmosphere whilst retaining a clean, professional design that enables the stunningly reproduced images to look their absolute best. Along with our other Amicus guides, it’s sure to be another cherished part of your monster magazine treasure trove.

I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide Magazine

Dr Marlowe has some more experiments planned but there’s no reason to worry – at least, not this time. Just relax and lose yourself in the pages of the I, Monster Ultimate Guide, and be careful of that strange man roaming the streets. He’s looking more dishevelled by the day, and seems to have something on his mind. Or is that his minds..?

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5 reviews for I, Monster 1971 Ultimate Guide Magazine

  1. Paul Freeman

    Finally I opened my Ultimate Guide last night, The classic I, Monster, is one of my favourite Films, and one of Christopher Lee’s best perfomances on Film as Dr.Charles Marlowe/Mr.Edward Blake.

    Peter Cushing is also very good as Frederick Utterson. The Presentation is again first class, and well written by Nige Burton, and Jamie Jones, with input from Stephen Weeks.

    I also like a lot of the photos that I have not seen before, beautifully laid out, the Art Print is also a nice added touch to the Guide, and printed, as always, on high quality paper stock.

    Well done to all the team involved, another great Publication from the Classic Monsters team.

  2. Sda46513431

    I have read I, Monster” cover to cover. This is a very well written edition of Classic Monster’s. Every edition is superb and they are going to be highly sought out!!

  3. NA Parry

    This excellent guide is made even more enjoyable thanks to the contributions from Stephen Weeks, who sheds light on some of the production ups and downs on ‘I, Monster’ (it would be great to have a similar tome dedicated to his ‘Ghost Story’ film released a few years later).

    Terrific write ups on Lee and Cushing, and also the almost-horror-star Mike Raven, coupled with a beautiful layout make this another essential purchase, especially for fans of this wonderful cult film.

  4. Kevin Hart, Pennsylvania, US

    I cherish every book and magazine I have from you fine folks.

  5. George Nish, Ayrshire

    I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful magazine. Absolutely love it and look forward to each new title.

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