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Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume 2 1966-1976


Ships September 2023.

Product Description

Ships September 2023.

A microcosm of changing times, the development of Hammer Film Productions reflected the upheaval of social attitudes and an evolving film industry. Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume Two 1966-1976 is a beautiful examination of the challenges faced by the studio, the factors which shaped its output, and the unforgettable movies that delight its fans to this day.

Having redefined the way audiences – not to mention censors – looked at the horror film genre, Hammer had become as much of a household name as any blood-soaked film studio was ever likely to. With movies like 1958’s Dracula, the close-knit family of filmmakers had opened the world’s eyes to what could be depicted on the cinema screen, yet tough times lay ahead. Continuing the story begun in our acclaimed first volume, Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume Two 1966-1976 charts the course of the studio in a lavishly presented reflection on the tough decisions and compromises that brought a new age of horror into being. This luxurious full-colour Hammer Horror guide explores the movies that would help to cement Hammer’s place in the popular consciousness, as well as the often painful conflicts that went on behind the scenes as classics like Vampire Circus (1972) took shape.

Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume One 1966-1976

Produced to the absolute highest standards and presented in A4 format (210mm x 297mm), Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume Two 1966-1976 is another must for your collection. Crisp, timeless design sensibilities make for a truly timeless reading experience as you delve deeper into Hammer’s post-blockbuster age, a time in which creative boundaries were pushed further. In search of new material, Hammer drew up new monsters like 1966’s The Reptile while putting a fresh and often controversial spin on some established favourites with productions such as Dracula AD 1972. Each page of this Hammer Horror history guide magazine draws you into the studio’s compelling story whilst remaining resolutely easy on the eyes.

Meanwhile, our acclaimed image restoration work means you’ve never seen movie stills like this. Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume Two is packed with beautiful stills capturing the essence of the studio’s second-wave output, with detail and clarity the likes of which you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Sumptuous full colour printing means every image – even black and white stills, which are traditionally printed in monochrome and so lose much of their impact – have a depth that makes them burst from the page. While you read the engaging story of Hammer’s creative triumphs like Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1968) and the behind-the-scenes struggles which shaped the end results, you’ll see the fruits of the studio’s labours in a wealth of vibrant stills and artwork.

You’ll see how Hammer came to represent much of the age in which it operated. Stars like Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing had become familiar faces and the studio’s graphic retellings of classic monster tales continued to fire imaginations around the world, but a changing world demanded new material. What had outraged censors in the fifties no longer raised eyebrows: social change was reflected in a shift towards ever more shocking motion pictures. Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume Two 1966-1976 shows you how Hammer recruited new talent – sometimes by choice, sometimes out of necessity – to bring their visions to the screen. Familiar behind-the-camera names like Terence Fisher and Jimmy Sangster were now accompanied by the likes of Peter Sasdy and Alan Gibson. This Hammer Horror history magazine shows the part each played in defining the studio’s storied legacy.

A defining part of the horror cinema industry, Hammer has become an icon of the genre. The name itself is a byword for drama, shock and indulgent levels of gore; this captivating publication illustrates the many reasons why. Hammer Horror: An Illustrated Chronicle Volume Two 1966-1976 is a title no Hammer fan should be without, a breathtaking tribute to one of the industry’s most celebrated names.

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  • 84 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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