Hammer Horror 5-Guide Bundle Three


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The Hammer Horror 5-Guide Bundle Three is the ideal way to discover our luxurious magazine guides, with five horror movie Ultimate Guide magazines and a discount on cover price and shipping.

From gothic castles to the streets of London, the world of Hammer cinema is certainly diverse. Our sumptuous Ultimate Guide magazines are the ideal way to enhance your appreciation of these movie classics, and the Hammer Horror 5-Guide Bundle Three brings you five of these beautiful collector’s magazines. Each one is printed in vibrant full colour to capture the unique Hammer Horror atmosphere, with beautifully restored stills and artwork accompanied by a wealth of informative articles, biographies and trivia. Top-end production values make this Hammer movie guide magazine collection the perfect way to rediscover more of the studio’s compelling work, whilst growing your collection of monster movie magazines.

The Hammer Horror Ultimate Guide Bundle Three contains the following magazine guides:

  • The Phantom of the Opera 1962 – this fresh take on a classic tale is packed with memorable moments, and our colourful Ultimate Guide is the perfect companion to another viewing.
  • The Evil of Frankenstein 1964 – the third Hammer Frankenstein movie is a tense, moody experience, its many twists and turns reflected in this stunning guide magazine.
  • The Reptile 1966 – as the eerie mystery of Clagmoor Heath unravels, you’ll enjoy a wealth of glorious stills and facts that deepen your understanding of this exotic, harrowing tale.
  • Scars of Dracula 1970 – this aggressive and uncompromising film divides opinion for many reasons but like our richly illustrated and informative guide, it’s never anything less than a spectacle.
  • Dr Jekyll & Sister Hyde 1971 – Hammer combined their monsters in a dramatic thriller – this opulent guide is full of imagery and information that captures the sinister mood of Whitechapel’s fogbound streets…
  • Save over 5% on the individual cover prices combined.
  • Lower shipping than buying all the guides individually.

The Hammer Horror 5-Guide Bundle Three is a feast for any Hammer movie fan. Filled with lovingly restored stills and artwork, and packed with clear, insightful information, these are magazine guides like nothing you’ve ever seen. For more details of what’s inside, check out the individual product pages.

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