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Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide Magazine

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The Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide explores a new kind of experimentation with a fresh look at Hammer’s soul-switching metaphysical masterpiece.

When it comes to toying with life and death, nobody does it better than Frankenstein – even some small-town tragedy offers new avenues of research. The Ultimate Guide to Frankenstein Created Woman is the perfect way to rediscover an unconventional and surprisingly emotional instalment in Hammer’s beloved series. This glorious full colour magazine guide is packed with information and rich imagery to immerse you in Baron Frankenstein’s latest work, and give you a new understanding of a movie all too often overlooked by genre fans.

Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide

A colourful, vibrant yet clean design allows each meticulously-restored still to look its best as our Frankenstein Created Woman guide leads you through the story behind the movie’s journey from a playful idea to a haunting and sorrowful piece of motion picture art. Any Hammer Horror fan will relish the combination of high production values, engaging journalism and spirited commentary, all packaged with the kind of finesse that makes Classic Monsters Ultimate Guides so special. There’s never been a guide to Frankenstein Created Woman like this.

Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide

Unlike many of its stablemates, this was a movie with real heart; as you’ll discover within the pages of our Frankenstein Created Woman magazine guide, its themes of soul transference, revenge and isolation made it more than a straight horror thriller. The story of Christina and Hans, and how their love transcended death in one of the worst ways possible, never fails to captivate; we look at the way scriptwriter Anthony Hinds integrated gender politics into a revenge horror movie to fascinating effect.

Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide

As well as the movie’s creation, you’ll also discover the lives of the people who made it happen. Peter Cushing was an established Hammer icon by this point but he was ably assisted by a group of charismatic and capable co-stars, from Thorley Walters’ endearingly bewildered turn as Dr Hertz to Susan Denberg and Robert Morris as the soul-crossed lovers. The Ultimate Guide to Frankenstein Created Woman introduces you to these often lesser-known talents and their intriguing (not to mention sometimes hit-packed) work on stage and screen.

Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide

Naturally, the people behind the scenes also played a vital part in bringing a new Frankenstein story to life; the enlightening biographies within this Frankenstein Created Woman guide magazine will deepen your understanding of how the many pieces of the puzzle came together. Helmsman of so many Hammer hits, Terence Fisher led the way with his uniquely sensitive direction, while a range of other creative talents pooled their skills to glorious effect.

Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide

Those three toffs are making fun of Christina again, but there’s no need to help Hans while he deals with it. The Ultimate Guide to Frankenstein Created Woman tells you all you need to know about how everyone’s going to end up, and you can rest assured that the baron is keeping a close eye on things anyway. Just settle down in the corner of the café, lose yourself in the stunning image reproduction and wealth of information, and forget all about those strange experiments as you celebrate this unconventional entry in the annals of Hammer Horror.

Or, if you’d prefer something extra special, click here to check out the exclusive limited hardback edition – there are only 30 in the world!

  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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2 reviews for Frankenstein Created Woman 1967 Ultimate Guide Magazine

  1. Buddy Weiss, New York

    I received the Frankenstein Created Woman hardback today and it is really very nice, I’m looking forward to receiving The Fly in a few weeks. The art print is very nice as well.

  2. Kevin Hart, Pennsylvania, US

    I cherish every book and magazine I have from you fine folks.

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