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The Gorgon 1964 Ultimate Guide Signed Hardback is the collector’s edition of this guide, in a strictly limited edition hardcover format – only 30 in the world – and signed and numbered by the authors with a FREE exclusive Gorgon art print.

A new kind of monster prowls the Hammer Horror world, as The Gorgon 1964 Ultimate Guide Signed Hardback unravels a strange and sinister mystery.

Taking its inspiration from Greek mythology, Hammer’s 1964 production of The Gorgon featured the studio’s stalwart performers Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in concert with director Terence Fisher, to produce the rich tale of an ancient curse and its far reaching effects on the protagonists trying to understand a spate of grisly and mysterious murders. The climactic transformation of Barbara Shelley into the snake-haired Prudence Hyman is as striking an image as Hammer ever conjured, and this signed hardback Ultimate Guide to The Gorgon brings the legend to life with a plethora of stunningly restored stills and posters as it explores all aspects of this well-loved adventure laced with intrigue and horror.

The Gorgon 1964 Ultimate Guide


Inside the pages of this signed hardcover guide to The Gorgon you’ll find a wealth of seldom seen images, facts and trivia which, together with the film’s back story, all combine to make this tribute a must-have for collectors, all printed to the exacting standards that make Classic Monsters magazines so desired the world over. Our painstaking attention to detail, and our commitment to full-colour printing even on black and white images, means this signed hardback Gorgon movie guide is a complete one-off. The collection of fascinating editorial pieces uncovers the creation of the movie, as well as telling the stories of the cast and crew who helped bring it to the big screen.

As the action centres on the collaborative contribution of stars Cushing and Lee, we see the former as the conflicted but self-serving Dr Namaroff, while the latter portrays beautifully the adversarial Professor Meister, desperate to uncover the truth behind the eerie petrification of victims. This already impressive line-up is enhanced further by the addition of a top flight supporting cast including Richard Pasco, Michael Goodliffe, Patrick Troughton and Joseph O’Conor. The Gorgon Ultimate Guide Signed Hardback features the usual wealth of information on this classic that you’ve come to expect, all spectacularly put together in a handsome volume produced to the exacting standard that have made our publications famous.

Utterly unredemptive throughout, The Gorgon is something of a departure for the studio in its lack of anything remotely approaching a happy ending, and the pitch-perfect acting throughout makes it at times an uncomfortably gloomy film to watch, but still it possesses a magnetism that keeps us glued. It is offbeat Hammer at its best, and despite the controversial Gorgon make-up itself, and the fact that Shelley did not get to play the titular beast, it is still a firm favourite among fans, due in the main to the unquestionable quality of its production, which makes it an evergreen of 1960s British filmmaking.

No fan of Hammer, Cushing, Lee, Shelley or Fisher should miss this hardback Ultimate Guide to The Gorgon. It’s packed with information, taking you to the very soul of this much-loved motion picture in the style to which you’ve become accustomed. Printed and finished to the very highest standard, it’s a glorious addition to your hardcover horror movie guide collection, evoking the film’s dark atmosphere whilst presenting a clean and professional design that allows the carefully reproduced images to sing on the page. Together with our other Hammer guides, it will become another revered part of your monster magazine collection.

Dr Namaroff is keeping a secret, maybe even from his beautiful assistant Carla Hoffmann – is it to protect her, maybe even shield her from the full and horrible truth? The eminent Professor Meister is determined to discover what is really going on though, and you can sit back and find out with him in the pages of The Gorgon Ultimate Guide Signed Hardback. But can he save the day for the local community and ensure that lovers Carla and Paul live happily ever after, whatever is going on at Castle Borski?

Collectors please note: the art print included with this product is different from the one accompanying the signed softback.

Prefer an unsigned copy without the art print? Click here for the regular version of this title.

  • 40 pages
  • A4 portrait format
  • Full colour throughout
  • Image wrap hardback cover
  • Individually signed and numbered by the authors
  • Includes FREE The Gorgon 1964 art print

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