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The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 Ultimate Guide

(10 customer reviews)


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Very limited edition reprint.

Product Description

Very limited edition reprint.

This movie guide magazine, the sixth in the Classic Movie Monsters Collection, heads into the age of Hammer Horror with a detailed examination of 1957’s The Curse of Frankenstein. Stars Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing established their horror credentials in this richly atmospheric movie, and our Ultimate Guide takes a loving look at the small British studio’s first Gothic horror film.

Authors Nige Burton and Jamie Jones explore the backstory to what began the rebirth of the horror genre, with a close look at the movie’s development. Cast and crew biographies, rare stills, lobby cards and posters are all included in this beautifully designed collector’s item reference to the first of the Hammer Horror greats.

The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 is the perfect guide for any fan of this beloved classic, and a must for any enthusiast of the Hammer House of Horror.

Due to exceptional demand, this title is now available once more as a limited edition reprint. Produced to the same exacting standards as the original, this will make a handsome addition to your Hammer, Frankenstein or Classic Monsters collection.

  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss laminated cover

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10 reviews for The Curse of Frankenstein 1957 Ultimate Guide

  1. Dwight Meeker, Texas, US

    Wow!! Continue to be impressed by your publications… just got Curse of Frankenstein and was thrilled!

    Thanks for what you do, and for doing it so well.

  2. Kevin Rupp, Kansas, US

    The Curse of Frankenstein came in today, love it!

  3. Steve Jennings, California, US

    Another fantastic issue (#3) along with the two Frankenstein (Bride of, Curse of) Ultimate Guides I ordered.

  4. Paul Waddington, Yorkshire, UK

    I received the magazines I ordered this morning and I just wanted to write to you to say that I am really pleased with them. I haven’t read them yet, but they look absolutely fantastic and deserve to be more widely known. I have bought the two Hammer special editions and will be ordering all the Universal special edition magazines from you.

    I am looking forward to seeing where you take this, because I have been searching for this type of magazine for a very long time and have always been disappointed.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Richard Holden (verified owner)

    Always been a Hammer fan and I am glad I added this to my collection packed full of info and pics ,looking forward to recieving the Dracula edition I have ordered and will order any more Hammer based ones that are produced and probably order the universal ones as well

  6. Val Denham

    Very impressive as usual. More please!

  7. Chris Adams, Kentucky, US

    I am a subscriber to Classic Monsters magazine, and I have purchased all of your special guides to date. I absolutely LOVE your publications. The pictures, artwork, and information are all unparalleled. THANK YOU for providing us classic monsters fans with such wonderful resources. Your hard work is much appreciated by “monster kids” the world over.

  8. David Corvino, South Carolina, US

    As a charter subscriber, I must tell you how happy I am with all of your publications. I buy every issue, every book you release. My collection is growing!

    I just received issue 5 and it is fantastic. I ordered three new DVDs based on the articles in it. The format, paper, clarity, writing, photographs and content are the best anywhere. Classic Monsters has no equal!

    Thanks for keeping the high quality you began with. It is the most important thing there is.

  9. Hugh Blair

    These Collections take me back to my childhood and my daily trips to the cinema to see the latest Horror films. Those were the days you could sit in the cinema all day if you wanted and see over and over again your films(Yes, they were the days you were able to see two films back to back) Well done to all at Classic Monsters for these outstanding Magazines, they are absolutely A1 and they are full of wonderful knowledge.

  10. Hugh Blair, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

    Your wonderful Classic Monsters collection is great and brings back many memories for me(I’m 64) I remember staying in the cinema all day watching the Hammer films when they showed them as a double and at one time a triple bill(Those were the days) There was one cinema that showed all the universal Frankenstein films all week then followed the next week with the Dracula films, Wolfman, and the Mummy films. Thanks to Blu Ray I can see almost all of these great films in their glory, And thanks to you all for bringing out this wonderful collection I now know everything about these films. I hope you will continue to add more films to your collection(I hope to get them all,if I can) My greatest actors are Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, Boris Karloff(William Henry Pratt), Peter Wilton Cushing, Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., John Christopher Depp II(Johnny Depp), Donald Pleasence, and the great Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko, better known as- Bela Lugosi.

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