Monsters’ Almanac / Dreaming of Nightmares Bundle

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2 beautiful guides to horror movie history.

Product Description

The Monsters’ Almanac and Dreaming of Nightmares – the perfect way to explore the history of horror movies!


If you’ve ever wondered how horror movies first started out, and when your favourites were released, this is the bundle for you. Our horror history magazine bundle includes the Monsters’ Almanac, a year-round guide to horror happenings from January to December, and Dreaming of Nightmares, a beautiful crash course in horror movie history.

These two unique luxury brochures are absolutely packed with information and designed to the high standard you expect from Classic Monsters, making them a must for any fan of classic horror. Each one is full of facts and trivia, not to mention beautiful stills and posters.

The Monsters’ Almanac

What do you share your birthday with? The Monsters’ Almanac is the ultimate way to find out! Our year-round chronicle lists significant moments in horror movie history from every day of the year, so each day brings a monstrous new discovery.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A double-page guide to each month of the year including film release dates, cast and crew birth and death dates, important book publication dates, facts and trivia
  • A wealth of stills and posters bringing the horror calendar to life
  • An examination of what makes a monster a classic monster
  • A celebration of the A-list stars who shaped our understanding of horror movies
  • Facts, figures and surprises to keep you checking, all year round
  • A tribute to the support actors who kept the chills coming in so many horror movies
  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury matt cover with gloss varnish

Dreaming of Nightmares

Illustrated throughout with high quality stills and posters, and packed with information, Dreaming of Nightmares is perfect for anyone with even a passing interest in horror movie history. You’ll find plenty of familiar faces in the shape of Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster and the Wolf Man, but we also look at the stories that unfolded behind the scenes, looking at the context in which our beloved classics were made and the way in which social changes brought about new types of scares.

Each chapter of Dreaming of Nightmares covers a different era in horror movie history, so it’s great to dip in and out of. Whatever kind of horror movies you love, you’ll find a wealth of nostalgia in this publication.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A whistle-stop tour of horror movie history taking in the key movies, stars and studios from each age of horror filmmaking
  • Chic, elegant full-colour design, with full-colour stills and posters throughout
  • The quality research and journalism that’s the hallmark of Classic Monsters
  • An intriguing look at the development of the horror movie genre
  • Two additional feature-length chapters not included in the PDF edition
  • 36 pages
  • A4
  • Full colour throughout
  • Luxury gloss cover

If you love horror movies, you can’t afford to miss this saver bundle!

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1 review for Monsters’ Almanac / Dreaming of Nightmares Bundle

  1. Hugh Blair, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

    Your wonderful Classic Monsters collection is great and brings back many memories for me(I’m 64) I remember staying in the cinema all day watching the Hammer films when they showed them as a double and at one time a triple bill(Those were the days) There was one cinema that showed all the universal Frankenstein films all week then followed the next week with the Dracula films, Wolfman, and the Mummy films. Thanks to Blu Ray I can see almost all of these great films in their glory, And thanks to you all for bringing out this wonderful collection I now know everything about these films. I hope you will continue to add more films to your collection(I hope to get them all,if I can) My greatest actors are Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, Boris Karloff(William Henry Pratt), Peter Wilton Cushing, Vincent Leonard Price, Jr., John Christopher Depp II(Johnny Depp), Donald Pleasence, and the great Bela Ferenc Dezso Blasko, better known as- Bela Lugosi.

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