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Ships July 2024.

Ultra-limited edition – there are only 15 copies of this title worldwide. This luxury hardback is signed by both editors and hand-numbered, and ships in a black foil presentation pouch with a FREE art print of the cover and certificate of authenticity.

The Classic Monsters of the Movies Issue #32 Legacy Edition Hardback is another essential addition to your horror movie memorabilia collection, with our trademark mix of factual commentary, insightful analysis and stunning presentation. Exploring the beloved monster movies of the past, we’ll inspire you to revisit favourite classics as well as revealing new niche gems that you’ll love. Whatever era of classic horror cinema you love the most, there’s something here for you – our work spans everything from the silents, through the golden age and Hammer Horror’s lurid heyday, with a sprinkling of more modern classics that show how the genre has evolved. This hardback edition of Classic Monsters of the Movies #32 has its own share of macabre goodies to unfold, with every lovingly-written article as entertaining as it is informative.

Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #32


Naturally, the first stop on your journey through the hardcover Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #32 is Daniel Horne’s gloriously evocative cover painting of Lon Chaney in 1927’s London After Midnight. The movie itself might be lost – if you’ve seen a copy, you’re either a very lucky monster kid or a very old one – but the wealth of information and imagery from it still has the power to draw us in, as surely as if we’d seen it on the silver screen. In our cover story, Nige Burton details the movie’s development and production, not to mention its important place in cinema history and now-legendary status as the one that got away. Of course, we also explore the practical eye-popping reality of star Lon Chaney’s make-up; the mysterious Man in the Beaver Hat is one of horror’s genuinely iconic creations, and this absorbing London After Midnight feature is packed with stunning stills.

From the eerie corridors of the Balfour house, we head into tragedy with a look at the sorrowful real-life stories of classic horror cinema’s most important names. In the first part of an extended feature, Jamie Jones chronicles some of the heartbreaking life events that befell our favourite cast and crew. The scandal that ruined Lionel Atwill, the fatal fears that haunted costume designer Vera West, the mysterious injuries inflicted on Onslow Stevens… Hollywood horror is certainly not without its darker side, and this haunting article shows the very real shadows that circled around some of the genre’s most important figures. It’s another reason why the hardback edition of Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #32 is a must-have for any horror fan.

Such stories of sadness are a sober reminder of how showbiz isn’t all glitz and glamour, but that’s not to say it’s without its minxish side too, and the hardcover Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #32’s biography feature has waspish wit in spades as Alex Hopkins explores the life and work of actor Ernest Thesiger. His turns as Horace Femm in The Old Dark House (1932), Laing in The Ghoul (1933) and Dr Pretorius in Bride of Frankenstein (1935) sparkle with mischievous malice, but he popped up in plenty of other productions too, as well as boasting other skills besides acting. Sit down, have a potato and raise a toast to a new world of gods and monsters as we celebrate this marvellously idiosyncratic performer.

Such timeless characterisations make you wish time could stand still, and with that in mind, David Huckvale looks at Hammer’s attempt to hold back the years. 1959’s The Man Who Could Cheat Death is an elegantly sinister piece of filmmaking, its themes of morality and immortality lovingly captured by a top-notch cast featuring Anton Diffring, Hazel Court and Christopher Lee. Detail and insight abound in our richly illustrated article as we look at this fascinating, darkly sparkling jewel in Hammer’s golden age crown. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the film itself, its production and design; you’ll also wonder if eternal youth is really worth all that suffering.

Did someone say suffering? If you’re looking for a family drama with the most harrowing of twists, you’d be hard pressed to beat 2018’s Hereditary. Don’t let its relative youth fool you – this story of a rather unfortunate family tree is positively dripping in classic gothic splendour, driven by Toni Collette’s hypnotic central performance and director Ari Aster’s gift for creating a nightmarish mood. If you’re already familiar with Hereditary, you’ll understand why it belongs in the pages of the Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #32 Legacy Edition Hardback; if you aren’t, you’ll soon discover why this particular modern masterpiece is right at home among the greats of yore.

We round off the hardcover Classic Monsters of the Movies #32 with a look at a collaboration between William Castle and Vincent Price that can only be described as spine-tingling. Yes, it’s 1959’s The Tingler, one of the weirdest pieces of science fiction you’re ever likely to see. Our Kitsch Corner feature takes you on a whistle-stop tour of this monster chiller, shining a revelatory X-ray on its many campy facets and the countless moments which will make you gasp, giggle and – oh yes, of course – scream for your life.

The Classic Monsters of the Movies Issue #32 Legacy Edition Hardback is produced to A4 size (210mm x 297mm) on high quality paper stock, with a commitment to timelessly clean design that ensures each article looks as good as it reads. With full colour printing throughout, even black and white stills have a depth and detail that traditional newspaper-style monochrome print simply doesn’t provide. Every image is carefully restored to look its best, while the beautiful image wrap cover infuses Daniel Horne’s remarkable cover with life. There’s simply nothing like Classic Monsters of the Movies, and it’s an essential for your collection.

Inside Classic Monsters of the Movies #32 you’ll find:

  • London After Midnight – the film may be lost but we have a treasure trove of information and stills for you to enjoy as we recount the story behind Tod Browning’s mysterious vampire thriller.
  • True-Life Tragedy – the glittering world of Hollywood has plenty of sad tales to tell. We look at the sorrows and hardships that shaped many beloved actors’ lives and careers.
  • Ernest Thesiger – his inimitable presence graced a number of classic horror movies, and our biography feature offers a fresh look at the work of this skilled thespian.
  • The Man Who Could Cheat Death – Hammer’s exploration of eternal life is characteristically gloomy and macabre. Our thought-provoking article is the ideal companion to another viewing.
  • Hereditary – there’s simply nothing like this slow-burning combination of ghost story, occult shocker and tragic family drama. It’s time to head back to the treehouse…
  • The Tingler – that funny feeling going up your spine is nastier than you think, but Vincent Price knows how to take care of it, so get your lungs ready for a Kitsch Corner screamfest.

The hardback edition of Classic Monsters of the Movies issue #32 opens the door to a world of classic horror, bringing you a captivating mix of nostalgia, information and commentary. You’ll rediscover the movies you already know, and maybe discover something new along the way, and it’s all presented to our renowned high standards, making it a must-have for any monster kid.

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Book specification:

  • 70 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • Packed with stills, posters, articles and info
  • Printed and finished to the highest standard
  • Luxury matt laminated cover
  • Image wrap hardback cover
  • Signed by editors and individually numbered
  • Includes FREE exclusive art print based on the cover design
  • Includes certificate of authenticity
  • Packaged in black foil presentation pouch

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