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Classic Monsters of the Movies issue 12 takes you back to the world of classic horror movies with a lavishly illustrated exploration of some of your favourite monster films. Packed with stunning rare stills restored to vivid clarity, it’s designed and produced to the absolute highest standard in full colour, with world-class journalism exploring the classic horror movie genre with the respect and admiration that these movies deserve.

This issue’s cover story heads to smalltown Spain with Hammer’s The Curse of the Werewolf taking centre stage. As the studio’s only werewolf horror movie, and the launchpad for future Hollywood legend Oliver Reed, this undoubted classic is always worthy of a closer look. From its production to the unique atmosphere and wealth of superlative performances, as well as its place in werewolf movie history, this is the perfect way to discover a Hammer Horror milestone.

Naturally, there’s plenty more besides. An in-depth biography of Fay Wray reveals her life and work, exploring her identity as one of cinema’s all-time scream queens. You’ll discover that 1933’s King Kong was just one of many key horror movies in which she played an essential role, helping to shape scream cinema as we know it.

Other articles include a rundown of some of horror cinema’s creepiest kids. From the innocent victims of monster terror, through to the wickedest of little brats, we’ll show you that the smiling youngsters of horror are by no means all sweetness and light. We head into the realms of hirsute horror too, with 1942 thriller Dr Renault’s Secret starring J Carrol Naish.

There’s plenty more in here too, so if you like your monsters classic and your magazines produced to the highest standard, Classic Monsters of the Movies #12 is an unmissable part of your horror collection. Our winning combination of beautiful imagery, exceptional print quality and sheer passion makes this the monster magazine you’ve been missing.

Issue 12 includes:

  • The Curse of the Werewolf – Hammer’s journey into the werewolf genre stands alone in so many ways. Oliver Reed dominates the screen, but has tough competition in a movie so full of excellent detail, sympathetic characters and a unique atmosphere.
  • Chilling Cherubs – the little treasures can be little terrors too. Whether they’re putting other people in danger, being victimised themselves, or turning out to be the spawn of pure evil, kids have a lot to answer for in classic horror movies.
  • Black Sabbath – Mario Bava’s anthology horror thriller makes for intriguing viewing, with a range of stories offering a wealth of creeps and shocks. Horror historian Bruce G Hallenbeck looks this haunting entry into the annals of moviedom.
  • Fay Wray – as hapless Ann Darrow she stole our hearts, but her life was spent doing far more than screaming at giant apes. Our biography explores the life of a true horror superstar.
  • The Fly – Al Edison mutates, Patricia Owens panics and Vincent Price does everything he does best in this 1958 body horror classic. We put the bug spray down and have a look around the garden to uncover the story of this beloved movie.
  • Dr Renault’s Secret – J Carrol Naish brings his gift for characterisation to a movie that’s sometimes terrifying, sometimes poignant, but always memorable.
  • Karl Freund – our Star Spotlight feature shows us why we owe this talented moviemaker an enormous debt of gratitude. On the big and small screens alike, he brought about real and lasting change.
  • The Ghost Train – all aboard for laughs and chills as we join Arthur Askey on the desolate station platform. There’s a train approaching, but is it the kind you really want to board? Find out in our Kitsch Corner profile of this spooky mystery.
  • And more besides!

Issue 12 of Classic Monsters of the Movies is packed with vivid full colour imagery and insightful journalism, designed and printed to a breathtaking standard. The combination of beautiful, clean layout, first-rate image reproduction and compelling articles from some of the genre’s leading writers has monster kids around the world talking. Each lovingly illustrated article keeps the passion for classic horror movies alive – it’s no wonder CMotM is fast becoming the world’s favourite monster movie magazine.

Magazine specification:

  • 68 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • Packed with stills, posters, articles and info
  • Printed and finished to the highest standard

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4 reviews for Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #12

  1. RC M’CLOUD (verified owner)

    Wonderful to see my favorite Mario Bava movie Black Sabbath given the Classic Monsters treatment! As I waited for the postman to deliver my copy I fervently hoped there would be at least one color shot from “The Drop of Water.” Turns out there are two! Plus there are two great color shots of Boris in “The Wurdalak.” I think Bruce Hallenbeck is absolutely correct in saying that both versions of “The Telephone,” Italian and American, work in their own ways; and that in fact each version of the entire movie has its virtues. Bruce finds the musical score and sound effects in the American version of “The Drop of Water” to be spookier and superior to the Italian, and I agree! Bravo Classic Monsters!

  2. Eckhard Schuetze, Heidelberg, Germany

    These books are AMAZING !

  3. Steven Beai, Colorado, US

    I’m absolutely thrilled to see CLASSIC MONSTERS going bi-monthly and I just can’t say enough about the quality of every single item produced, from the mags to the film books, sticker sets and beyond. Not to mention the care taken with shipping every product — and did I mention how grateful I am for the stellar customer service you provide — from the regular updates to the personal replies to inquiries.

    As a fan and collector of all things classic monsters for over 40 years, I am fortunate enough to have one of the largest collections of monster magazines dating back to the ultra-rare UK one-shot of SCREEN THRILLS, as well as complete runs of every Warren magazine (Famous Monsters, Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, etc.), I can say with absolute authority there is nothing like CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES here in the States…nothing that comes remotely close.

  4. Paul Murden, Lincolnshire, UK

    You guys do a fantastic job, and my only regret is that you weren’t around when I first got into classic horror films all those years ago! Keep up the great work.

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