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In stock for immediate shipping.

Classic Monsters of the Movies magazine – a horror film mag just like the ones you used to love!

The reprinted issue #1 of Classic Monsters of the Movies includes:

  • Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man – the legendary 1943 horror showdown gets the full Classic Monsters of the Movies treatment with a close look at the characters, plotline and production.
  • Profile of Christopher Lee as Dracula in the Hammer movies – we trace the story from 1958’s Dracula / Horror of Dracula, right through to The Satanic Rites of Dracula in 1973.
  • Detailed biography of Boris Karloff – we explore the pathos in his performances and his impact on the world of horror as we know it today.
  • Analysis of zombie cinema – we track the undead genre from its roots in early classics through to groundbreaking TV such as The Walking Dead.
  • Silent horror – a round-up of some of our favourite silver screen masterpieces from the pre-talkie era.
  • And much more!

Classic Monsters of the Movies magazine is a fantastic new publication for every horror movie fan in the land. Packed with in-depth features and analyses on classic monster movies, characters and stars, CMotM is brought to you by a team of world-class journalists, and features cover artwork by acclaimed illustrator Ron Whittaker. Lifting the veil on all those monsters we love to fear, Classic Monsters of the Movies is already bringing the world of horror something to talk about.

Among many other compelling articles, issue 1 takes a fresh look at some iconic horror movie characters, and reveals the tragic stories of many monster stars. Future issues will scour the horror universe, bringing you a unique perspective on your favourite monsters – as well as some horrors you might not have encountered before.

Magazine specification:

  • 68 pages
  • Full colour throughout
  • Packed with stills, posters, articles and info
  • Printed and finished to the highest standard
Q: Do you ship to America?
— Asked by Tommy on 29th July 2015
A: Yes Tommy, we do indeed - postage for a single issue is just £1.95 to the US.
— http://admin
Q: Currently working in Ireland but will be home in UK 2016 would it be possible to change address during yearly subscription? Also how much would postage be? Thank you
— Asked by Sarita allison on 10th August 2015
A: Hi Sarita - yes, you can change the delivery address at any point during your subscription. If you create an account with us when you place your order, you can do this yourself, or alternatively you can just email us at any time and we'll take care of it for you. Shipping for an annual subscription is £7 (approx €9.90); this, of course, covers 4 quarterly issues (£1.75 per issue or approx €2.48).
— http://admin
Q: When do you take the payment from my card ?
— Asked by David Hardy on 10th August 2015
A: Hi David - cards are charged immediately as there are not very many copies available out of our allocation of 4000 for the first collector's item edition (we can't increase the print run as we've advertised it at this worldwide, so when they're gone, they're gone!). Issue #1 of the magazine is due to ship on the 26th of August, so there's not long to wait. It's always worth pre-ordering your issue to make sure you get one.
— http://admin
Q: Do you ship in Canada ?
— Asked by Richard on 10th August 2015
A: Hi Richard - yes, we do indeed ship to Canada, and it's just £1.95 (approx USD $3) for one issue, or £7.80 (approx USD $12) for a subscription (4 quarterly issues).
— http://admin
Q: Do you ship to the US... If so, can you please send me the total cost to California 95425... Thank You. JW
— Asked by Joseph Williams on 29th July 2015
A: Yes, we certainly ship to the US - postage for a single issue is £1.95.
— http://admin

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80 reviews for Classic Monsters Magazine Issue #1

  1. Mark Sharples, Lancashire, UK

    Well I’ve been waiting for this mag to come out for some time now… and it arrived on my doorstep today… the same sweep of excitement came over me as it did back in the early 70s when I saved my money up to go on the market to buy the old 50s and 60s monster mags from second hand stalls. I’ve never stopped collecting these classic mags, I have issue one of all the originals. Classic Monsters Of The Movies issue 1 sits proudly amongst them now, it’s an excellent mag, well written, the photos are awesome, great quality, and it’s a damn good read from Aurora models to Zombies… I’m well impressed, it’s everything a classic horror fan wants in one magazine… can’t wait for issue no 2.

  2. Steve Williams, Dorset, UK

    Classic Monsters mag arrived today, looks great and I’m so glad I subscribed.

  3. Nelson Monteiro, Oxfordshire, UK

    I loved the first issue, it was one of the best things I’ve read in a while.

  4. David J Howe, Lincolnshire, UK

    It’s not often there’s a new horror magazine to go all gooey over … but Classic Monsters of the Movies is lovely! It’s perfect bound, and up to the same quality printing and paper stock as the other magazines from Classic Monsters. Inside there are interesting articles on Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman, where Nige Burton argues the validity of this entry into Universal’s ‘Monster Mash Up’ series, there’s material on Hammer too, and all their Dracula films go under the spotlight; there’s an overview of Zombies in cinema, and a piece looking at the life of Boris Karloff. All are superbly illustrated again, and the whole magazine is beautiful. I’ve really not seen anything as quality as this for many years.

  5. Randy Bowser, Oregon, US

    Got me copy of #1 yesterday – Leafing through, it looks fantastic. Looking forward to spending some good, quality time with it. I’m especially glad to see the article “Boris Karloff: The English Gentleman of Horror.” Great work everyone!

  6. Mike LaValle, Illinois, US

    I received my issue in the mail this weekend and am really enjoying it! Beautiful looking magazine with gorgeous pictures! Can’t wait to read it thoroughly!

  7. Christopher Eddy, Connecticut, US

    I just received issue 1 in the mail today, and I have not read it yet, but it is by far the most beautifully designed Monster magazine I’ve seen yet (and I’ve seen a lot of them). If the writing is like the other 3 publications I’ve gotten from them so far, I expect a great read. Well done – thank you!

  8. Samantha Marie Anderson

    Got my Issue #1 in the post yesterday. Loved it. The Boris Karloff and Screams in the Silence features were wonderful. Keep up the good work, guys. Looking forward to issue #2. 🙂

  9. Archie Fleming, Glasgow, UK

    Lovely little old fashioned style horror magazine. Well worth a look and cover price. If you love your Universal Hammer and assorted other monsters. You’ll love this one….. I did…… so I subscribed.

  10. Clare Wilson, Kansas City, Missouri, US

    Got mine! It’s lovely.

  11. Eric Jamborsky, Nashville, Tennessee, US

    Received my copy a few days ago. Beautiful publication.

  12. Peter Sugars, London, UK

    Got mine , really great magazine

  13. Keith Martin, Rancho Cordova, California, US

    Beautiful publication. Well written with great photos.

  14. Rick & Annie Thompson, Lincolnshire, UK

    This mag is really quite ‘the dogs’ proverbial. It’s a beautiful looking mag. Seriously, if you’re a horror fan than there is only one question: why haven’t you got yours? Truly, you will not be disappointed. 😉

  15. Peter Richards, Cardiff, UK

    Dropped in the post box this morning, gotta say for an old timer Monster Nutcase i was rather stunned to see a new publication of the classics so thought I’d better grab a copy before they sell out ~ Holy Moly i’m totally blown away at the quality of this new mag from the high quality pictures to the well written pieces even down to the high quality paper used, if your pondering on whether to grab it, just grab it before they sell out 10/10 Superb. 🙂

  16. George Nisbet, Edinburgh, UK

    Brilliant magazine, I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next one.

  17. Daryl Ball, Swindon, UK

    Love my copy! Looking forward to future issues.

  18. John Ballentine, Saugus, California, US

    FANTASTIC packaging! GREAT customer service! AMAZING magazine!

  19. John Schmidt, Ontario, Canada

    Enjoying a lovely fall Sunday at Classic Horror Posters HQ with our copy of Classic Monsters excellent new classic horror‬ magazine “Classic Monsters of the Movies”. It’s a visual feast for classic horror fans with crisp, clear writing, nice layout, beautiful photos, great stuff! You don’t want to miss this one.

  20. Raymond McBride, Oakley, California, US

    I love it. Awaiting the next one.

  21. Vivian Curtis, Neath, West Glamorgan, UK

    Fantastic magazine, looking forward to many more.

  22. Mark Stanley, Buckinghamshire, UK

    I got the magazine, it’s bloody awesome, I want to get a subscription and the signed Dracula book!!!

  23. Stilson Greene, Virginia, US

    Received Issue #1, first thing I did was go online and become a subscriber. Wonderfully designed and printed, super quality stock and beautifully written. Being a Monster Kid this brought back many memories and joy. Worth every penny. Errrr. Mag. Goooood.

  24. Doug Whitenack, New Jersey, US

    My copy of issue #1 arrived here in NJ earlier this week in perfect condition. The magazine was a delight to read and I’m already looking forward to the next issue.

  25. John Alford, Texas, US

    I received my copy in the mail yesterday. Well done! I look forward to more issues.

  26. Jerome Gicquel, Birmingham, UK

    It’s a great magazine. Got my subscription in so I don’t miss any other issue!! Good luck with it.

  27. Adrian Clements, Dorset, UK

    Oh WOW! What a fantastic mag! All those monster memories came flooding back! Such a great read! Definitely subscribing. Many thanks.

  28. Fred Hough, Texas, US

    Got it, and I just couldn’t put the issue down. Best one ever. Can’t wait for number 2.

  29. Jeffrey Rose, Minnesota, US

    Got my first issue about two weeks ago. Very nice. I also sent a subscription in plus purchased the Dracula and Frankenstein mags. I love this stuff.

  30. Gareth Barnes, Cardiff, UK

    I have subscribed. Fantastic magazine, waiting for number 2.

  31. Joe Jusko, New York, US

    I received the inaugural issue of Classic Monsters and absolutely love it! Very high quality production with crystal clear photos and wonderfully in depth and insightful articles. I’ve been a Universal Monsters fan my entire life, as well as an Aurora Models kid who built every monster kit. Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman has long been a favorite and found facts in the article unknown to me, which is always a joy. Great job on a great new magazine!

  32. Gary Cox, Isle of Wight, UK

    Looking forward to my second issue and Frankie, Drac, Wolf Man and Mummy specials. Keep up the great work.

  33. Mark Goldstein, Maine, US

    I am a return customer, and am very happy with the first volume and the Dracula magazine.

  34. Jason Debczak, Michigan, US

    I love my first issue of Classic Monsters magazine.

  35. Bill Desmarais, Rhode Island, US

    Awesome. Thank you! I’m a subscriber to the magazine and LOVE IT!! Keep up the excellent work guys!

  36. Siep Kuijpers

    Very, very happy with the first issue. I’m glad I took out a four-issue subscription. Definitely a winning series of magazines!

  37. Tony Giles, Somerset, UK

    I recently took out a subscription and I have to say, I am so glad I did – what an amazing publication. Thanks to all involved.

  38. Richard Gardener, Carmarthenshire, UK

    Just received my first two magazines and I have to say “I’m In For The Long Haul” fantastic really enjoying the content and layout. Well done Nige and all the team can’t wait for number three.

  39. Glen Enloe, Missouri, US

    I enjoyed the article about Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man in your first issue very much. In fact, yours in the first monster magazine I’ve read entirely from cover to cover and enjoyed every minute of it.

  40. Mark Goldstein, Maine, US

    This is seriously the best horror movie mag since I was a kid. The article about the monster model kits from the first issue brought back great memories. It was brilliant adding that article to the magazine.

  41. Kent Miller, Utah, US

    I received issues one and two on Saturday. What a fantastic magazine. Amazing pictures and great writing. Now I can’t wait for number three. Keep up the good work!

  42. Phillip Boak, Yorkshire, UK

    Just finished #1, oh dear, what can I say… except it was brilliant, now that means I’m going to have to get the Ultimate Guides.

  43. Scott Banker, New York, US

    I have the first 2 issues as well as the Wolf Man special……great stuff!! Keep up the good work!!!

  44. Jamie Tutino, Connecticut, US

    Your magazine blows anything away we have here in the States, and I want to thank you and commend you on all the hard work and amazing products you release. Best of luck with all future releases, as you will have me as a customer for life!

  45. Kent Miller, Utah, US

    It’s fantastic cover to cover. Don’t miss an issue. Get a subscription . I did and the first three issues are all incredible!

  46. Nick Gay, Wiltshire, UK

    What a fantastic high-end magazine you’ve given us; stunning in every respect. I cannot wait to be transported back to my youth again by Issue 4. Absolutely fang-tastic! (Sorry LOL). Please keep doing what you’re doing – it’s superb! Many, many thanks.

  47. Ian

    fantastic magazine. Beautifully printed and laid out. very enjoyable read and well worth the money.

  48. Frederick Pineau, New Hampshire, US

    I’ve been a subscriber since issue #1, and you have a great magazine! It’s among the finest quality magazines, from the stock used to print on to the contents – Totally collectable. I just purchased an annual subscription for my son, and I know that he will enjoy it every bit as much as I have – Keep up the good work!

  49. Paul Waddington, Yorkshire, UK

    I received the magazines I ordered this morning and I just wanted to write to you to say that I am really pleased with them. I haven’t read them yet, but they look absolutely fantastic and deserve to be more widely known. I have bought the two Hammer special editions and will be ordering all the Universal special edition magazines from you.

    I am looking forward to seeing where you take this, because I have been searching for this type of magazine for a very long time and have always been disappointed.

    Keep up the good work!

  50. Paul Das, Cleveland, UK

    So impressed that I am now a `New` subscriber to the Magazine and the Ultimate Guides (Extremely Lavish Brochures) are gorgeous. I am Hooked. Thanks!

  51. Jim Judge, Buckinghamshire, UK

    Absolutely loving them!

  52. John Rose, Mississippi, US

    So I have received my order of Classic Monsters magazines, including the boxed set of Movie Guides. These are incredible. This is like the Smithsonian Magazine version of Famous Monsters Of Filmland. The quality and images are absolutely stunning, and I cannot wait for my subscription to get started proper and to receive the other items I ordered. Truly a labor of love and commitment. Thank you for these, so much.

  53. R C M’Cloud, Wisconsin, US

    I am in the US so knew nothing about your mag until recently. I just received issue #1 and I love it and wanted to thank you! Also in particular I wanted to thank you for your article “Why we love classic monsters” with its explanation of the perplexing tenacity of this fondness into adulthood: “I think it’s because our monsters are safe.” That’s it exactly! Maybe someone else has suggested this before, but I for one have never encountered it, until now. Thank you for putting into print what I have been thinking for 40 years of adulthood.

  54. Roger Smart, Northamptonshire, UK

    Loving the magazines. Well put together and worth reading.

  55. RC M’Cloud, Wisconsin, US

    I just received issue #1 and I love it and wanted to thank you! Also in particular I wanted to thank you for your article “Why we love classic monsters” with its explanation of the perplexing tenacity of this fondness into adulthood: “I think it’s because our monsters are safe.” That’s it exactly! Maybe someone else has suggested this before, but I for one have never encountered it, until now. Thank you for putting into print what I have been thinking for 40 years of adulthood.

  56. Anthony Temple, Yorkshire, UK

    Like Famous Monsters of Filmland from the 60s only 100 times better!

  57. Robert Reiner, Illinois, US

    I got issues 1, 2 and 3 today! Thank you these are great.

  58. Dan Skopp, Wisconsin, US

    I got Issues 1,2 and 3 today!! I am impressed. I love the layout and the contents of the mags. I am a 70 year old horror fan and I’m sure that “Uncle Forrie” would also be enthusiastic about the mag. Waiting for more!!!!!!

  59. Nick Gay, Wiltshire, UK

    Keep it up, your work is beyond sterling. Thanks for everything so far with CMoM – stunning work 🙂

  60. Clay Cortinas, San Jacinto, CA USA

    4SJ Ackerman would indeed be pleased with this magazine!

  61. Bill Cavanaugh, California, US

    Your magazine is outstanding. The writing, the photos…all of it!

  62. Stephen Burnip, Merseyside, UK

    Just want to say what a fantastic fabulous job you guys have done on these mags very professional indeed. Keep up the fantastic work.

  63. James Clatterbaugh

    I happily now have the first four issues and all the guides. Take it from someone who always prided themselves on delivering a top-notch presentation of photos and in-depth articles over our 20 plus year run (I’m the Editor/Publisher of MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT) when I say you won’t find a better looking magazine being published today, period! I’m even envious of your use of color and the high quality paper and printing. It’s also GREAT to see the very talented Daniel Horne’s art appearing in the cover of a classic monster magazine. Daniel’s paintings were featured on the cover of eight issues of MFTV. CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES gets MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! This publication is a perfect replacement for FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND 3.0 (now that they’re changing direction) and MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT now that we’re ceasing publication after one final issue to be published later this year. Best of luck to all involved and I look forward to many more issues!

  64. Todd Strickland (verified owner)

    Very impressed with this first issue. Had a little trouble with the layout, but I’m sure thats a small bug to be worked out. I am a little worried, however, with the mentions of Freddy and Jason–PLEASE keep the focus squarely on the classics and off the sausage-making post-Hammer ‘horrors.’ I’m in.

  65. Robert Jones (verified owner)

    Just got this first edition in the mail. Perfect condition.
    I was skeptical about the reviews but this magazine is beautiful.
    Worth every penny.
    I’m in my 60’s,I remember the magazines of years ago.
    They don’t compare.
    I’m going to get the subscription.
    Thanks for such a wonderful magazine!!

  66. Gary Zanow, Arizona, US

    Thank you for putting out such an amazing, and unbelievably reasonably-priced yet very high quality zine.

  67. Dale Collins, England

    I purchased issues 1-4. Brilliant magazine. I enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed reading House of Hammer which I collected in the 1970s.

  68. Michael Taylor, Colorado, US

    I had no idea the magazine was put together so well. Looking forward to a subscription.

  69. Mark Filippini, New Jersey, US

    I love the magazine and all the guides you guys are putting out.

  70. Joseph Buttler, California, US

    Thank you for all you do. The issues I have received are great and a very enjoyable read.

  71. Stephen Burnip, Merseyside, UK

    Hi there, just want to say these mags are class, best I’ve seen in a long time. I have them next to Dez Skinn’s House of Hammer in my collection. You should have a page for folk to leave feedback and see some great comments left no doubt. Keep up the high standards as they are fantastic.

  72. Chris Adams, Kentucky, US

    I am a subscriber to Classic Monsters magazine, and I have purchased all of your special guides to date. I absolutely LOVE your publications. The pictures, artwork, and information are all unparalleled. THANK YOU for providing us classic monsters fans with such wonderful resources. Your hard work is much appreciated by “monster kids” the world over.

  73. Eddie Henderson

    Congratulations on producing such a high-quality magazine. May I make 2 suggestions to enhance our collective enjoyment of these fine issues? 1) Please consider adding sidebars to your articles indicating the most complete dvd or blu ray presentation available of the film(s) under discussion; 2) Offer quality binders to keep these collectors-item issues in meticulous condition. Looking forward to many more issues! Regards, Eddie.

  74. David Corvino, South Carolina, US

    As a charter subscriber, I must tell you how happy I am with all of your publications. I buy every issue, every book you release. My collection is growing!

    I just received issue 5 and it is fantastic. I ordered three new DVDs based on the articles in it. The format, paper, clarity, writing, photographs and content are the best anywhere. Classic Monsters has no equal!

    Thanks for keeping the high quality you began with. It is the most important thing there is.

  75. Clay Cortinas, San Jacinto, CA (verified owner)

    Best new classic horror magazine debut since Ray Ferry’s Freaky Monsters here in the states. Very comparable in content and quality!

  76. Alan Granville

    I’ve subscribe to this fantastic magazine since issue 1, I have been waiting for a horror mag like this for years and now I can look forward to my issue coming through my door, it has everything you could want great photos, stills and fantastic stories, keep up the good work and may it continue for years to come.

  77. Dana Jensen

    Classic magazine! On the same level with “Famous Monsters of Filmland” which itself was one of the classic magazines. I have never seen such great quality in a fan related magazine like “Classic Monsters”! Every page on glossy paper, with many in color! The Classic Monsters are very LUCKY to have such a great publication appreciating their greatness! LOL

  78. Stephen burnip

    Update! Ive got all these classic monsters mags to date with the high
    Qaulity production these are in no doubt the best mag on the market
    With the freebie postcard sets art prints you name it its fabulous. Well done
    To all involved in its production youve hit a winner here.

  79. Steven Beai, Colorado, US

    I’m absolutely thrilled to see CLASSIC MONSTERS going bi-monthly and I just can’t say enough about the quality of every single item produced, from the mags to the film books, sticker sets and beyond. Not to mention the care taken with shipping every product — and did I mention how grateful I am for the stellar customer service you provide — from the regular updates to the personal replies to inquiries.

    As a fan and collector of all things classic monsters for over 40 years, I am fortunate enough to have one of the largest collections of monster magazines dating back to the ultra-rare UK one-shot of SCREEN THRILLS, as well as complete runs of every Warren magazine (Famous Monsters, Eerie, Creepy, Vampirella, etc.), I can say with absolute authority there is nothing like CLASSIC MONSTERS OF THE MOVIES here in the States…nothing that comes remotely close.

  80. Paul Murden, Lincolnshire, UK

    You guys do a fantastic job, and my only regret is that you weren’t around when I first got into classic horror films all those years ago! Keep up the great work.

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