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Explore the dark cinematic history of one (or is it two?) of horror’s greatest characters with The Classic Jekyll and Hyde Movies Postcard Set #1. This sextet of brooding, dramatic artwork captures the mood of six very different takes on Robert Louis Stevenson’s timeless tale, and with only 100 sets worldwide, it’s the perfect piece for your Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde movie memorabilia collection.

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When Robert Louis Stevenson’s novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was published in 1886, it opened up new worlds of psychological horror that we could all relate to. Can evil lurk in the souls of even the finest people? The Classic Jekyll and Hyde Movies Postcard Set #1 celebrates the many ways filmmakers sought to explore the original work’s themes, from physical violence to emotional trauma and even a few twists on Stevenson’s story along the way. No two cinematic Jekylls – or Hydes, for that matter – were the same, and the differing approaches are evident in this Jekyll and Hyde postcard set.

The six cards in the Classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Movies Postcard Set #1 are produced to A6 size (105 x 148mm), with each piece of artwork lovingly restored to make a beautiful and evocative addition to your collection. They’re printed on 350gsm silk stock with matt lamination on both sides, giving them a sturdy feel and sleek finish. The vintage-style design on the reverse provides ample space for you to write a message and address: you’ll get the best results with a fine gel ballpoint or fine felt-tipped pen. This means you can send a message to any other tortured mad scientists you know, but of course it’s more likely that you’ll want to keep them safe and secure in your own lab.

The Classic Jekyll and Hyde Movies Postcard Set #1 features artwork from the following movies:

  • Der Januskopf (1920): the haunting artwork captures the supernatural nature of the metamorphosis in this movie, directed by F W Murnau, and starring Conrad Veldt and Bela Lugosi.
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1920): John Barrymore famously dislocated his jaw as part of his transformation into the terrifying Mr Hyde in a movie that still has the power to shock today.
  • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (1920): overshadowed by its Paramount counterpart, this lesser-known 1920 version of the story featured Sheldon Lewis as a jagged-toothed Hyde committing daylight robbery.
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931): as well as the brutishness of Hyde, Fredric March’s Oscar-winning performance was also packed with pathos and tenderness, as captured in the intriguing poster art.
  • Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1941): Spencer Tracy’s wild-eyed Hyde gave forties audiences a new take on the character, but his twin love interests were also essential parts of the story too.
  • The Son of Dr Jekyll (1951): we all know the story, but what happened next? This movie took the concept in a new and thrilling direction perfectly captured in this bombastic artwork.

The potion is almost ready and it’s time to discover the darker side of humanity. The Classic Jekyll & Hyde Postcard Set #1 shows the many reasons why this enduring character is such a favourite. Whether the transformation is scientific or spiritual, there’s no denying the power that this tragic, horrific genius has over us. Limited to just 100 sets worldwide, this set of beautiful Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde postcards is an ideal collector’s piece for any fan.

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