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The Monsters' Almanac

The Monsters’ Almanac – your year-round guide to the world of horror movies

It’s a question you’ll remember from the school playground… who has the same birthday as you?

Sometimes the answer can be a surprise, especially when it comes to horror movies, and it’s with this in mind that we’ve created the Monsters’ Almanac, a stunningly designed year-round guide to movie release dates, births, deaths and publications from across the horror universe.

Dracula Prince of Darkness (Hammer 1966) - released on the 9th of January

Christopher Lee in Dracula Prince of Darkness (Hammer 1966) – released on the 9th of January

So what’s inside? A heck of a lot, really. We’ve compiled a list of horror happenings from January 1st right through to December 31st, so you can find out what happened when, throughout the year. You’ll learn snappy facts about movies you might not have heard of, and gain an insight into some of the stories behind your favourite stars.

Lon Chaney Jr in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (Universal 1943)

Lon Chaney was born on the 10th of February, 1906. His favourite character was the Wolf Man, whom he played five times in total. Here he is in Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (Universal 1943) – which was released on the 5th of March.

It’s all presented as a gorgeously designed full-colour magazine with a wealth of classic stills as well as full-length articles from Classic Monsters founder Nige Burton. And of course, it’s great to be able to show off with your new-found knowledge.

Black Friday (Universal 1940)

Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff both starred in the thriller Black Friday (Universal 1940), released on the 12th of April.

The Monsters’ Almanac is just £7.99 from the Classic Monsters shop – click here to purchase your copy. Already have one? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think. What are you waiting for? Your Almanac awaits!

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    James Parry
    May 8, 2015

    Thanks for this great book I’ll enjoy reading it. Jim .

      May 8, 2015

      Hi James – you’re most welcome! Thanks for your comment and I hope you have fun reading it!

    Tom Warburton
    May 8, 2015

    Tried to download the almanac via the link on the email and by clicking on the image of the almanac but it just opens a blank page 🙁

      May 8, 2015

      Hi Tom – it’s a large file, so it sometimes does appear blank at first. Try leaving it a couple of minutes to download – if you have any further problems, let us know and we’ll email a link to you. Don’t worry – we’ll get it to you somehow! For best results, download it on a desktop with a good broadband connection rather than a tablet or a phone.

    May 9, 2015


    David Billman
    May 15, 2015

    I would like to see these books (the Almanac and the Universal Monsters series in Kindle and/or Nook (epub) format. It would make it so much easier to read on a Kindle. Otherwise, Good work.


      May 15, 2015

      Dracula and Frankenstein are both available on Kindle David – just search for either Nige Burton or Dracula 1931 or Frankenstein 1931 in the Kindle section on Amazon. The Almanac will be available as a Kindle version too within the next few weeks, but a vastly enlarged, information rich version with much more content than the PDF. They are all available as printed editions too, and will be featured in the new Classic Monsters shop which launches in June.

    George Sabol
    June 4, 2015

    This is an awesome book and a great read for any horror fan. Thanks for sharing!

      Classic Monsters
      June 4, 2015

      Hi George – thanks for your comment. We’re glad you’re enjoying the Almanac!

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